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Club Volleyball

What is Club volleyball?

The Volleyball Alberta Club System is one of our most popular programs. Athletes of similar ages have an opportunity to develop their volleyball skills and compete for Provincial and National Championships. Athletes tryout for various club teams around the province, once teams are selected they practice together, and the club teams register and attend the Volleyball Alberta Premier Tournaments and Provincial Championship events.

For 2017 the Age Classes are as follows: Volleyball Canada's Domestic Development Committee recently voted to adopt the following Age Categories for the 2017 Volleyball Canada National Championships.  Rationale and recommendations: The expansion of age categories from 12 months to 16 is due to the research provided in the LTAD 2.0 document published by the Canadian Sport for Life group. The paper lists the 10 Key Factors influencing Long Term Athlete Development, of which "Developmental Age" is listed as point #3. Page 28-30 provides generic information about Developmental Age and demonstrates the flaws of lumping athletes into their birth year for participation in sports. In short, the large physical discrepancies that can occur between youth within the same birth year create significant disadvantages for late developing male athletes and to a lesser degree, early developing females. Therefore, increasing the range of months within a competitive division gives athletes greater flexibility to choose a level that best suits their needs. Some athletes born from Sept-Dec will benefit from choosing a younger division, while other athletes who play at an advanced level would benefit from the challenge of playing up an age category. Athletes, parents and coaches should consider the short term and long term benefits of playing up or down an age category. If playing up provides the needed challenge for improvement, and there exists no significant social/emotional drawbacks in the older age category, the benefits of playing up far outweigh the drawbacks.

Age Class Year of Birth
13U Athletes born from September 1, 2003 to Dec 31 2004 (16 months)
14U Athletes born from September 1, 2002 to Dec 31 2003 (16 months)
15U Athletes born from September 1, 2001 to Dec 31 2002 (16 months)
16U Athletes born from September 1, 2000 to Dec 31 2001 (16 months)
17U* Athletes born from September 1, 1999 to Dec 31 2000 (16 months)*
18U Athletes born from September 1, 1998 - December 31, 1999 (16 months)
Adult Open
Masters 35+ Born in 1982 or earlier

*Athletes on a current CCAA or CIS volleyball roster will not be permitted to play in the 17U age class regardless of birthdate.

Important Information for the 2017 Club Season

Season Planner & Competition Regulations

For 2017, Volleyball Alberta has a new Signing Policy. Please ensure you read this policy in it's entirety.

The majority of information for the Club Season can be found in the ​2017 SEASON PLANNER & COMPETITION REGULATIONS. If you would like a hard-copy of the season planner, please contact Season Planner contains important information such as:

Screening Policy : Police Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Screenings & FAQ's

  • Volleyball Alberta Screening Disclosure form – updated October, 2015
    Team Staff: submit this form to your club administrator every year.

  • Volleyball Alberta Club Sign-Off Sheet – updated October, 2016
    Club Administrators: The designated Club contact will receive and review their Club Coaches Police Information Check (PIC) & Police Vulnerable Sector's Check (PVSC) and the Screening Disclosure Form. Please complete and submit this information using the FormStack Volleyball Alberta Club Sign-Off Sheet document for the Volleyball Alberta office to review. The PIC & PVSC needs to be completed every three years with the Screening Disclosure form completed annually.

Screening Policy : Police Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Screenings & FAQ's

The Club deadline for submitting PIC & PVSC’s & Yearly disclosure forms to Volleyball Alberta is January 31.

Clubs failing to submit their Club Sign-Off sheet with completed PIC’s/PVSC’s/Yearly Disclosure Forms for all people in Leadership Roles prior to January 31 will be subject to a $100 fine per person (coach/assistant coach/manager/trainer/team contact).

Participants in Leadership roles who haven’t submitted PIC’s/PVSC’s/Yearly disclosure forms will not be eligible to participate until the completed forms have been submitted and any fines have been paid.

Tournament Information

  • 2017 Premier Tournament Schedule 
    As we secure additional facilities we will update the schedule. In addition to the Volleyball Alberta Premier series there are additional private tournaments hosted throughout the province.
  • 2017-V1 Tournament VENUES. 
    ​**Based on 2016 team numbers.  Numbers for 2017 are finalized after the registration deadline for each event.**
  • Accommodation (Host Hotels) Information and Car Rental information can be found on our Membership Benefits page
  • Scoresheet Label (Avery 5162) Template for Teams
  • 13U-15U Extended Roster Form
  • Uniform Guidelines, Minor Officiating resources, 2016 Official Competition Balls, and Volleyball Canada 2015-2016 Official Volleyball Rules can be found on our Referee Forms & Resources page
  • Letters Of Good Standing - Request Form.Example: A club located in Alberta travels to participate in a USA Volleyball sanctioned event.  Registered teams and individuals within the same club qualify to receive a letter in good standing, the letter will be valid until August 31.  Applications should be completed as soon as possible in order to process the letter in time for the tournament’s deadline (an administration fee may be charged for rush requests), applications will only be accepted for clubs registered prior to June 30 of that season.