21U Provincial Championships

21U Provincial Championships (2010)

This past weekend, the Alberta Volleyball Association hosted the 21U Provincial Championship in Red Deer. The event consisted of eight men’s and eight women’s teams from Alberta and Saskatchewan. Competing teams were comprised of freshman and sophomore athletes from their respective varsity programs.
The tournament was a great success, entertaining many fans and providing terrific competition for all of the teams.

Our visiting teams from Saskatchewan were certainly pleased with the competition as both the Huskies Women and Huskies Men captured the gold medal.

Results & All-Stars:     

     Mens 21U Provincials                         Womens 21U Provincials

          1st     HUSKIES                                      1st     HUSKIES
          2nd    COUGARS                                    2nd     FOG PANDAS
          3rd     KINGS                                         3rd     DINOS
          4th     OOKS                                          4th     QUEENS
          5th     TROJANS                                      5th     RATTLERS
          6th     BVC HUSKIES                               6th     EAGLES
          7th     VIKINGS                                      7th     VIKINGS
          8th     THUNDER                                     8th     WARRIORS

          Mens All-Stars                                       Womens All-Stars

         MATT BUSSE               HUSKIES                ASHLEY SCHURKS     HUSKIES
         BRYAN FRASER           HUSKIES                SHAUNA WEBER        HUSKIES
         JARRON MUELLER       COUGARS               ERIN WALSH             FOG PANDAS
         DAN DURHAM             COUGARS               JACKIE ELLIS            FOG PANDAS
         DAVID KING               KINGS                    TARAH TRUANT         QUEENS
         AUSTIN HINCHEY        OOKS                     MEL MIAZAGA           DINOS