New National Registration System

Many of you may have heard of the new Volleyball Canada National Registration System (VCNRS or NRS) being launched this October and this is the first of a few communiqués that will be posted to keep you up to speed on its development.

What’s the purpose of the NRS?

Canada has over 30 million citizens and it’s estimated over 800,000 are playing volleyball on a regular basis. Volleyball Canada and the Provincial and Territorial Associations (PT/A) have very little contact with 90% of those participants. By getting better connected, VC and the PT/As can offer better services to help develop the sport in Canada. Also by bringing members and enthusiasts together in a single system, volleyball will be able to leverage its ‘buying power’ to help grow the sport.

What will the NRS do for me?

The NRS has a multi year rollout schedule. In the first year, the NRS will offer increased services to clubs and individual members and represents an upgrade to the membership database system currently used by Alberta Volleyball. All of the things you could do in the system last year (like register and pay for tournaments, clinics, etc) you will be able to do this year – plus a few more. 

In the second year, the NRS will add scheduling and results capabilities that will allow athletes, parents, and coaches to track their team and personal performance. This phase will also include an officials assigning, scheduling, and payment component.

When will the NRS be launched?

The first rollout of the NRS will be in October 1st 2009 for the start of the new volleyball season. In this version the system will allow:

  • Regular membership registration and payment

  • Club and Team registration

  • Officials, Coach and Club Executive registration

The NRS will also allow clubs to manage their own database of athletes, parents, coaches and enthusiasts for FREE. The system will also include an Event Management capability that can be used by members to post events on the event calendar, and even use the NRS to allow participants to register and pay online.

Where do I get more information?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be  posting to the Alberta Volleyball website, information on the following topics:

  • "How to" Register for Clubs

  • "How to" Register for Events

  • "How to" Register for Tournaments

Please go to our Registration page for more information or email or call 780.415.1703 if you have any questions or comments about the NRS.