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17U & 18U Team Alberta - US High Performance Championships

The 17U & 18U Team Alberta programs are competing at the USA High Performance Championships in Fort Lauderale July 18-22. The tournament schedule may be found at: 

  • Boys International Division – our 17U Team Alberta Boys are listed as TA2, our 18U Boys are listed as TA1
  • Girls International Youth Division – our 17U Team Alberta 17U Girls are listed as TAY
  • Girls International Junior Division– our 18U Girls are listed as TAG

The tournament website is below.  Courts #1 - 4 will be live streamed.

Good luck to all of our teams!

17U Women's Team Alberta Roster

Uniform # Athlete Name Position
4 Dora Komlodi Setter
14 Hayley McNaught Middle
5 Hope Kotun Outside Hitter
13 Jade Bussard Outside Hitter
7 Jessica Osczevski Outside Hitter
2 Journey Flewell Outside Hitter
10 Madi Stevens Outside Hitter
1 Megan Foxcroft Libero
11 Mikayla Benterud Middle
3 Natalie Bloemen Setter
6 Samantha Gagnon Outside Hitter
12 Dana Dunbar Middle

Coaches: Craig Marshall & Larissa Cundy

17U Men's Team Alberta Roster

Uniform # Athlete Name Position
14 Ayden Rust Middle
5 Cameron Kern Setter
18 Greg Kaliel Middle
10 Jayden Hiebert Outside Hitter
11 Micheal Ingstrup Outside Hitter
3 Mitchel Gorman Outside Hitter
4 Noah Campbell  Outside Hitter
8 Noah Robertson Outside Hitter
9 Ross Bishop Middle
16 Ryan Adams Outside Hitter
7 Sam Elgert Setter
12 Tanner Piers Middle
13 Brody Kopec Outside Hitter
6 Benjamin Kennedy (alternate) Middle

Coaches: Keegan Kuhr & Jordan Taylor

Canada Games - 18U Women's Team Alberta Roster

Uniform # Athlete Name Position
15 Elizabeth (Lizzy) Reimer Middle
4 Elyse Hart Setter
11 Emma Kieftenbeld  Outside Hitter
10 Jenae Eisler Libero
8 Julia Zonneveld Outside Hitter
5 Kacey Jost Outside Hitter
2 Lauryn Tremblay Outside Hitter
9 Lexis Peart Setter
3 Madison Marshall Outside Hitter
6 Marina Culo Middle
7 Milana Zivak Outside Hitter
13 Myja Wildenhoff Middle
1 Rayn Perry (alternate) Setter
14 Tabitha Martin (alternate) Middle

Coaches: Christine Smyth, Carolyn O'Dwyer, Jen Telfer

Canada Games - 18U Men's Team Alberta Roster

Uniform # Athlete Name Position
12 Caleb Funk Middle
5 Caleb Weiss Setter
8 Colm Guyn Setter
9 Hunter Stewart Outside Hitter
1 Jackson Brennan Setter
3 Jesse Elser Outside Hitter
7 Liam Huth Middle
10 Luis Lange Middle
4 Mathias Elser Outside Hitter
2 Matthew Neaves Outside Hitter
6 Mitchell Newman Outside Hitter
11 Reece Lehman Middle
15 Ryan Zachary Outside Hitter
14 Noah Campbell (alternate) Outside Hitter
13 Jordan Krause  Outside Hitter

Coaches: Brock Davidiuk, Brad Poplawski, & Dale Johns