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Forms & Resources

Forms & Resources for Referees

The following documentation and reference material applies to the members of the Volleyball Alberta Officials.


Minor Officiating Resources

Scoresheet Presentation - v3.4 (September 2014)

Line Judge Guidelines

Officiating Resources

Fee Schedule: The Volleyball Alberta Officials recommends that all areas of the province use the following fee schedule: 
2019-2020 Rate Sheet

The following documentation is used as a means of improving communications between Canadian referees, Regional Officials Chairpersons (ROC) and the National Officials Committee (NOC).

General Forms

1. Volleyball Alberta Score Sheet

2. Volleyball Alberta 13U14U Scoresheet 

3. Volleyball Alberta Rotation Card

4. 2020 Volleyball Canada Libero Uniform Guidelines 
(Clubs may contact Ryan Bunyan at Volleyball Canada with uniform questions - Clubs are highly recommended to Request Uniform Approval PRIOR to ordering uniforms by submitting proofs. Once approval is granted, clubs would be sheltered from any potential costs associated with bringing uniforms up to standards during the club season. 

5. 2019-2020 Volleyball Alberta - Official Game Ball

6. Volleyball Canada 2018-2019 Official Volleyball Rules     

7. Please see here for the 2018-2019 Rulebook Changes

8. Quick Substitution Protocol

2020 Volleyball Alberta Referee Forms

  1.  Volleyball Alberta Referee Membership Forms - Over the Age of Majority
  2. Volleyball Alberta Referee Membership Forms - Under the Age of Majority
  3. Screening Part A: Go to Sterling Talent Solutions - MyBackCheck > Location: Volleyball Alberta Referees > Start My Check! Volleyball Alberta’s policy states that Enhanced Police Information Checks (E-PIC via Sterling MyBackCheck) are valid for three (3) years from the date of completion.Checks dates September 1 onwards have to be completed via Sterling. Beginning in the 2017- 2018 season, Volleyball Alberta joined our counterparts at the Coaching Association of Canada to partner with Sterling Talent Solutions. Sterling Talent Solutions provides an online, secure, and convenient way to obtain an Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC). Their results are forgery-proof which gives confidence to the organization that results have not been tampered with. The results are back in one business day, allowing people to be placed almost immediately. Additionally, people can share their results securely with other organizations where they work or volunteer with 24/7/365 access through their software. The cost per check is $25. While some police services may charge less we believe the benefits outweigh the additional cost (reduced travel costs, less time off work required, speed, security). The Volleyball Alberta Screening Disclosure form must be completed and submitted on a yearly basis. 
  4. Screening Part B: Complete the Screening Disclosure form annually
  5. Referee Screening Submission FormReferees must submit their Enhanced Police Information Checks (E-PIC via Sterling - MyBackCheck) and Screening Disclosure Form directly to Volleyball Alberta annually.  Submit now: Referee Screening Submission Form (Formstack submission form link) 

Evaluation Forms

C5 - Referee Evaluation Form
R4 - Referee Evaluation Form

Volleyball Canada Administrative Forms

Expense Forms

Volleyball Alberta Officials Expense Claim Form
Volleyball Canada Expense Claim Form

Volleyball Alberta Officials

Policies and Procedures Manual

Policies and Procedures Manual - Appendices

Alberta Post Secondary Reference Material

2019 - 20 ACAC Operating Code-Volleyball

2019-20 ACAC Minor Officials Handbook

2019 - 20 Canada West Officials Information

2019 - 20 Canada West Game Protests


Volleyball Canada Reference Material

Volleyball Canada Policies and Procedures

Volleyball Canada Referee FAQs

2019 - 20 Volleyball Canada Referee Guidelines

Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Reference Material


Refereeing Guidelines and Instructions