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17U & 18U Men

2019 Team Alberta 17U Men (born in 2002 or later)

Note: The updated 16-month age categories do not apply for the Team Alberta program.  Overage athletes are not eligible to compete in the younger age category 

The Development of a Physical Profile

The goals of our program cannot necessarily be met by simply examining the most skilled athletes at each level.  Identified athletes need to have the size and athleticism that are essential for success at the higher levels. Volleyball skills can be further refined as athletes get exposure and practice within our sport. 

Our High Performance Committee has researched and evaluated physical testing results from numerous sources to understand the base physical performance levels that athletes should possess for continued success in our sport. 

17U Male Team Alberta Athlete- Physical Profile (with recommended standards)

Position Reach  Block Jump  Spike Jump  T-Test (seconds)
Setter 241 cm (7'11" = 95") 300 cm (9'10" = 118") 312 cm (10'3"= 123") 10.0
Middle 249 cm (8'2"= 98") 305 cm (10'= 120") 330 cm (10'10"= 130") 10.3
Outside 241 cm (7'11" = 95")  302 cm (9'11" = 119") 327.5 cm (10'9"= 129") 10.0
Libero        10.0
Standards updated by the High Performance Committee in January 2019

Please note: These standards are not the sole factor in athlete identification or selection. Athletes also need to demonstrate potential to be an elite athlete, a willingness to learn, a great attitude, decision making and leadership skills.



17U Identification/Program Pathway (to be updated in January 2019)

  1. Club Coaches will receive an email asking for their athlete recommendations in January (after the Premier 1 registration deadline).
  2. Recommended athletes will be invited to do the physical testing prior to Premier #1. The tests conducted will not impact athlete performance at Premier #1; conducted tests include weight, height, seated height, standing reach, wingspan, grip strength, vertical jump (block, spike), T-test. Team Alberta coaches will receive the list of the athlete recommendations and testing results to begin their evaluations at the Premier events.
  3. Based on testing results and performance at Premier Events & Provincial Championships, athlete will be extended an offer to attend Team Alberta Selection Camps. Please note: If athletes are unable to attend testing, club coaches will have to provide their testing results prior to being invited to the Selection Camps. 
  4. Volleyball Alberta will provide Volleyball Canada with a list of our top athletes for the VC Selection Committee to consider when selecting their Youth & Junior National Teams.
  5. Team Alberta Coaches will select 12 competition athletes and up to 2 Training athletes at the end of Selection Camp #2 to join the Team Alberta 17U Summer Program (for more information, please refer to the 2019 Team Alberta- Athlete Selection Policy).   

17U Key Dates for 2019 (Dates and locations may be subject to change):

  • January (January 7th- 22nd): Club Coaches receive request for Athlete Recommendations
  • February 8 or February 22: Recommended Athletes attend evening physical testing
  • April 13: 17U Selection Camp #1 (Location: Calgary)
  • May 25 & 26: 17U Selection Camp #2 (Location: Edmonton)
  • June 7-9: Training Weekend (Calgary)
  • June 28: Team Arrives in Calgary 
  • June 29 - July 9:  Team travels to Korea
  • July 9-16: Team Alberta Training (Calgary)         
  • July 16: Travel to Competition - Canada Cup in Halifax, BC
  • July 17-21: Canada Cup
  • July 22:  Return from Competition 


17U Coaching Staff

2019 17U Head Coach: Craig Wourms

  • 2015 - 2017 16U Team Alberta Coach (18U Boys, 16U Boys, 16U Girls)
  • 2018: Team Nimbus V-League Head Coach
  • 1992- 2007 Head Coach: NAIT
  • Holds Master of Science in Human Movement - Specialization in Sport Conditioning
  • College Instructor: NAIT School of Health - Personal Fitness Trainer Program 

2019 17U Assistant Coach: Kyle Erickson

  • 2015-current: Assistant Coach - University of Alberta Golden Bears
  • 2018 Team Alberta 17U Assistant Coach
  • Current FOG Volleyball Club coach (3 seasons)
  • Former Wolves Volleyball Club Coach (2012-2014)
  • Former ACAC athlete with Grande Prairie Wolves (3 seasons)
  • Holds Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree with Sport Coaching major from U of A
  • Working towards Bachelor of Secondary Education. 

2019 17U Team Alberta Roster

# Athlete Name Position
1 Sean Robertson Setter
2 Ryan Wasylyshyn Libero
3 Colby Nemeth Outside Hitter
4 Josh Gagnon Outside Hitter/Libero
6 Erik Godwin Outside Hitter
7 Zach Lobdell Outside Hitter
8 Cody Noble Middle
9 Felix Dufour Outside Hitter/Middle
10 Taylor Wenzel Setter
11 Joel Nickel Outside Hitter
12 Chris Bryant Middle
15 Carsten Bergeron Middle
5 Keegan Hanrahan (alternate) Middle
16 David Kindley (alternate) Setter




2018 17U Team Alberta Roster

2018 17U Men - Photo credit Matthew Greer

# Athlete Name Position
3 Olamide Ajayi Outside Hitter
5 Griffin Butler Outside Hitter
14 Noah Carlson Outside Hitter
1 Tyler Chernishenko Libero
4 Nash Shipton Setter
8 Jack Cochran Setter
6 Tyler Funk Outside Hitter
13 Colby Lindseth Middle
15 Corbin Ockerman Middle
7 Maxim Turgeon Middle
9 Jacob Van Geel Outside Hitter
11 Jens Watt Outside Hitter
2 Callum Campbell (alternate) Outside Hitter
10 Kobby Nyarko (alternate) Outside Hitter



18U Identification/Program Pathway 

There will only be an 18U Team Alberta program offered in a Canada Games Year - the next Canada Games will be held in 2021.  High-Performance Athletes are strongly encouraged to connect with their post-secondary coach to ensure they follow an appropriate summer training program including a strength & conditioning as well as beach & indoor training.  Athletes' need to appropriately prepare themselves for the demands of playing post-secondary volleyball. 

Volleyball Alberta will be offering an 18U Team Alberta Beach program for interested athletes. 

Volleyball Canada will be offering a Youth & Selects Men's National team

The Development of a Physical Profile

Our High Performance Committee has researched and evaluated physical testing results from numerous sources to understand the base physical performance levels that athletes should possess for continued success in our sport. 


2017 Canada Games - 18U Team Alberta Roster

Uniform # Athlete Name Position
12 Caleb Funk Middle
5 Caleb Weiss Setter
8 Colm Guyn Setter
9 Hunter Stewart Outside Hitter
1 Jackson Brennan Setter
3 Jesse Elser Outside Hitter
7 Liam Huth Middle
10 Luis Lange Middle
4 Mathias Elser Outside Hitter
2 Matthew Neaves Outside Hitter
6 Mitchell Newman Outside Hitter
11 Reece Lehman Middle
15 Ryan Zachary Outside Hitter
14 Griffin Butler (alternate) Outside Hitter
13 Jordan Krause (alternate) Outside Hitter

Financial Assistance Program

Athletes in financial need can apply to Volleyball Alberta for assistance via the Hugh Hoyles Scholarship Fund

Below is a list of other scholarships, grants, and programs that athletes may apply for:

  • Kid Sport Alberta: KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under
  • JumpStart: Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.

For more information on the Team Alberta program, please contact Diane Bugler at or call 403-202-6540