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Information & Results

Team Alberta Information

Note: The updated 16-month age categories DO NOT APPLY for the Team Alberta program.  Overage athletes are not eligible to compete in the younger age category

The Goals of the Team Alberta Program

  • To identify athletes who have the potential to develop and reach the next levels in our sport.  This would include post-secondary, National Team programs and professional levels. 
  • To produce excellence among the top age class athletes in the province of Alberta.
  • To develop the athlete’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills by exposing selected athletes to enriched levels of training and competition.
  • To provide opportunities for personal and leadership development.
  • Success at the Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, National Team Challenge Cup; as well as the long-term preparation of athletes for participation and success at Post Secondary and National Team levels.
  • The Provincial Team Program will also assist in the development of competitive volleyball in Alberta by working in conjunction with players, coaches and volunteers associated with Alberta’s other volleyball delivery programs.


Team Alberta Curriculum

In order to get all volleyball players in Alberta onto a similar learning and training program, the Volleyball Alberta HIgh Performance Committee was tasked with forming a curriculum for 16-to-18 year old athletes to follow.  The below curriculums are living documents that will evolve with use and feedback. Also Included below are the Team Alberta Warm Ups.

Team Alberta Women's Volleyball Curriculum: Version 1 - June 2016
Team Alberta Men's Volleyball Curriculum: Version 2 - June 2016
Team Alberta Warm Up: Part 1 - Activation & MobilityPart 2 - Dynamic Warm Up, Thanks to Carlyn Stilling for creating these warm-up protocols for Team Alberta.
Team Alberta Athlete Agreement

Team Alberta Results

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Team Alberta Program on a successful summer!  Team AB medal performances include:

2018 Indoor Results:

  • 17U Women - Canada Cup Bronze (Division 1)
  • 17U Men - Canada Cup Silver (Division 1)
  • 16U Boys Black- Canada Cup Bronze (Division 2)
  • 16U Boys Blue- Canada Cup 4th (Division 2)
  • 16U Girls Black - Canada Cup 5th place (Division 2)
  • 16U Girls Blue - Canada Cup Silver (Division 2)
  • 15U Girls White - Canada Cup 6th place (Division 2)

2017 Indoor Results:

  • 18U Men -  Canada Summer Games Silver Medalists, US High Performance Championships- International Division: 4-4 record, 10th of 24 teams
  • 18U Women - Canada Summer Games Silver Medalists, US High Performance Championships, International Junior Division: 3-5 record, 11th of 16 teams
  • 17U Women - US High Performance Championships, International Youth Division: 3-5 record, 11th of 16 teams
  • 17U Men - US High Performance Championships, International Division: 2-6 record, 19th of 24 teams
  • 16U Men- NTCC Bronze Medalists (16U Category)
  • 16U Women Black - NTCC 5th place (16U Category)
  • 16U Women Blue - NTCC 6th place (16U Category)

2016 Indoor Results:

  • 18U Men - NTCC 5th place (18U Category), 
  • 18U Women - NTCC Silver Medalists (18U Category),
  • 17U Women - NTCC Gold Medalists (18U Category)
  • 17U Men - NTCC Bronze Medalists (18U Category)
  • 16U Men- NTCC Bronze Medalists (16U Category)
  • 16U Women White - NTCC 9th place (16U Category)
  • 16U Women Blue - Bronze Medalists (16U Category)

2015 Indoor Results:

  • 18U Men - NTCC 4th place (18U Category), Western Canada Summer Games GOLD.
  • 18U Women - NTCC Bronze Medalists (18U Category), Western Canada Summer Games Silver. 
  • 17U Women - NTCC 5th place (18U Category)
  • 17U Men - NTCC Silver Medalists (18U Category)
  • 16U Men- NTCC Silver Medalists (16U Category)
  • 16U Women White - NTCC Silver Medalists (16U Category)
  • 16U Women Blue - NTCC 5th place (16U Category)

2014 Indoor Results:

  • 19U Men - NTCC Silver Medalists
  • 18U Women - NTCC 4th place
  • 17U Women - NTCC Gold Medalists
  • 17U Men - Western Elite Gold Medalists
  • 16U Men- Western Elite Silver Medalists
  • 16U Women White - Western Elite Silver Medalists
  • 16U Women Blue - Western Elite Bronze Medalists

2013 Indoor Results:

  • 21U Men- Canada Games Gold Medalists
  • 20U Women- Canada Games Gold Medalists
  • 19U Men - NTCC Gold Medalists
  • 18U Women - NTCC Bronze Medalists
  • 17U Men - Western Elite Silver Medalists
  • 16U Men- Western Elite: 6th place
  • 16U Women White - Western Elite Bronze Medalists
  • 16U Women Blue - Western Elite Silver Medalists

2012 Indoor Results:

  • 19U Men - NTCC Bronze Medalists
  • 18U Women - NTCC Bronze Medalists
  • 17U Men - Western Elite Gold Medalists
  • 16U Men- Western Elite: 5th place
  • 16U Women White - Western Elite Gold Medalists
  • 16U Women Blue - Western Elite Silver Medalists

2011 Indoor Results:

18U Men - NTCC Silver Medalists

  • 18U Women - NTCC Bronze Medalists
  • 17U Women- NTCC: 6th Place
  • 17U Men - Western Elite Bronze Medalists
  • 16U Men- Western Elite: 4th place
  • 16U Women White - Western Elite Gold Medalists
  • 16U Women Blue - Western Elite Bronze Medalists

2010 Indoor Results:

  • 19U Men - NTCC Silver Medalists
  • 17U Men - Western Elite Silver Medalists
  • 16U Women (Blue) - Western Elite Gold Medalists

Team Alberta Indoor Rosters and Results

The linked document contains the Team Alberta Rosters and Results for teams between 1967 - 2018.  This is an incomplete document as some of our records are missing.  If you have information to add, please email Diane Bugler at