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9 - 12 Years

Atomic Volleyball

There is a great need for youth recreational programming in the sport of volleyball. The ATOMIC volleyball program can help fill this need; it is a comprehensive 8-week program with adapted rules (smaller court, lower net, fewer players per side, softer volleyballs).

Atomic Volleyball stresses FUN, FAIRPLAY, and PARTICIPATION by increasing the number of ball contacts per player, creating longer and more successful rallies, and by developing proper skill delivery.  

The Atomic Volleyball program was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Sport for Life Manual (Long Term Athlete Development) and provides programming for the LEARNING TO TRAIN STAGE which targets boys’ ages 9 to 12, and girls’ ages 8-11.

ATOMIC participants will learn the basics of volleyball:  forearm and overhead passing, hitting, serving, basic team movement, and sportsmanship. Each session is 1.5 hours; every session begins with a 45-minute section focused on skills followed by 45 minutes of modified game play.

Who Can Run An Atomic Program?

Volleyball Alberta Clubs, schools, or community associations can run their own ATOMIC program.  The ATOMIC volleyball manual provides the instructor (who may or may not have previous knowledge of the sport) all of the tools and information necessary to run a successful program.

The ATOMIC program can be used as a fundraiser for your team, as a feeder-system into your sport programming, and as an opportunity to develop coaches by offering older athletes a coaching experience.