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Volleyball Alberta Adult Beach Tournament Series

The 2022 Beach Player Handbook will provide you with additional rules and regulations for the Volleyball Alberta Adult Beach Provincials. Please review the handbook prior to the beach season to ensure you are aware of all the rules and regulations.

The registration deadline is the Monday prior to the event. 

Late entries (if accepted) will be charged a $20 late registration fee. 

Divisions of Play

The Adult tournaments will have two divisions to include a wider range of skill levels and competition.

Elite Division: This Division includes Alberta's top teams, and is open to athletes wanting to play high-level beach volleyball. Out of province teams are welcome to register in this division through the Wildcard application.

The Elite Division will be split into the following two categories:

AAA: The top 8 seeded teams for both male and female. This category may be expanded to accommodate any successful Wildcard applicants.

AA: Teams registered for the Elite Division who are not in the AAA draw.


Calgary Tournaments are held at the CBVA Courts located at the Eastside of Valleyview Park. CBVA Beach Courts (maps)

Edmonton Tournaments are held at the Volleyball Alberta John Fry Park Beach Courts. JFP Beach Courts (maps)

Sylvan Lake Tournaments are held at the Sylvan Lake Pier. Sylvan Lake Pier (maps)

2022 Adult Beach Tournaments - Schedule, Registration, Draws & Results 
Date Event Location Registration link Cost Registration open Registration close
August 6 - 7

Adult Mikasa Beach Provincials 2022 Men - Draw

Adult Mikasa Beach Provincials 2022 Men - Results

Adult Mikasa Beach Provincials 2022 Women - Draw N/A

Adult Mikasa Beach Provincials 2022 Women - Results N/A


CBVA Beach Courts 

Membership Registration 

Event Registration 

Please note registration will be limited to 10 teams per gender

$110 Closed August 1

NOTE:  All out of province teams must apply for Wildcard consideration.  The Wildcard application form can be found HERE and must be submitted to  before the tournament deadline.

Registration Information

Membership Registration Guide – Beach  

The online registration process will get posted HERE and links to register will be added on this page as soon as events are confirmed and we are ready to open each event registration. 

Step-by-step instructions on How to Register for Beach Tournaments:

Tournament Registration Deadline is the Monday PRIOR to the event at 21:59 MST (23:59 EST).

It is the players' responsibility to confirm their own registration.

Please see the 2022 Beach Schedule (to be posted at a later date) for all tournament registration deadlines.

Membership Fee - There is a membership fee ($17.78) that must be paid prior to entering into the Adult Beach Provincials event. You must have the [2022 Adult Player - Recreational Beach] membership active in your Sportlomo User Account in order to successfully register into the event online. If you or your partner are not members, the computer will not let you register for the event.  

Please note that any teams wishing to participate in the Volleyball Canada National Championships will need to upgrade to a competitive member: [2022 Adult Player - Competitive Beach]. 

Registration Process - Volleyball Alberta accepts online registrations ONLY.  As previously stated, you must become a Volleyball Alberta member in order to successfully register for events. Please follow the instructions in the above-linked Membership Registration Guide - Beach

All Beach event registrations are done through the Volleyball Registration System (VRS) powered by Sportlomo. 

Email Beach Manager: Ray Sewell, 

Volleyball Canada Senior National Championships

For more information please visit the Volleyball Canada website: 

Please note: Any Alberta teams wishing to register for nationals will need to upgrade to the Competitive Adult Beach Membership.

Adult Beach Provincial Results

2018 Men and Women

2017 Men and Women

2016 Men and Women

2015 Men and Women