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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

LTAD is a training, competition, and recovery program. It establishes guidelines for coaches, athletes, administrators, and parents in all areas, including planning, training, competition, and recovery. It takes into account the ever-changing competitive program and the overall demands on the athletes. Long-term athlete development is also about identifying potential and providing appropriate developmental pathways for that potential to be fully realized. It is about ensuring that everyone who wants to learn sport has the opportunity. … The best sport development programs have a long-term vision, adapt and account for the rates at which an athlete matures rather than planning programs based solely on chronological age, are athlete centered, coach driven, but strongly supported by administration, sport science, and sponsors.
Robertson and Way - 2005

To learn more about Canada's generic LTAD model please visit Canadian Sport For Life.

To learn more about Volleyball Canada's LTAD model please visit the Volleyball Canada Development Model (VCDM) website and download Volleyball for Life.

Active for Life is a trusted source for parents, coaches, officials and volunteers.  See for articles, tools and resources related to quality sport, physical literacy and LTAD.

Information for Parents


  • Everything You Need to Know About Weight Training - Article
  • The Cost of Winning - Video
  • Easing the Pain of Cutting Kids from Sport-Are There Best Practices? - Article
  • No Running Documentary - Video
  • Physical Literacy - Video
  • 10 Sports Parenting Myths 
  • Easing the Pain of Cutting Kids From Sport: Are There Best Practices? Download
  • LTAD with Dr. Steve Norris - Video
  • Understanding Talent - Video
  • Talent Identification - Video
  • Sport Skills are Life Skills - Video
  • LTAD Soccer Implementation - Blog: Jason Devos, discusses the Canadian Soccer Association's implementation of Long Term Player Development and has some very interesting commentary on people's reaction to their plan!
  • LTAD Soccer - Video and how it benefits youth athletes and soccer.
  • Competition is a Good Servant but a Poor Master- By: Istvan Balyi & Richard Way. "Competition is a critical issue in all sports, especially team sports. Unfortunately, the system of competition in many sports was never properly designed; it simply ‘evolved’ on an improvised basis without consideration for the sport science of athlete development. Now many competition schedules are considered part of the tradition of certain sports, and these habitual patterns are passionately adhered to.”
  • Early Specialization can Cause Injuries & Burnout Costly dreams: Young athletes risk injury and burnout.  Parents put their kids in danger by encouraging sports specialization at an early age, experts say. By Yvonne Zacharias, Post Media News
  • A Sport Parent's Guide  Canadian Sport for Life. Sports and physical activity play an important role in our children’s healthy growth and development, but in recent times physical activity has suffered serious decline among Canadian children. The goal of this booklet is to help you understand the needs of young athletes and what may be done to promote their best interests in staying active and healthy.
  • Implementation: Tripleball Benefits & Outcomes,  Tripleball - Blog

Coaching Symposium Presentations

Promoting Positive Parenting in Sport- Dr. Vicki Harber
Injury Prevention - Kerry MacDonald
10,000 Drills in Sixty Minutes - Kerry MacDonald

Volleyball for Life, Volleyball Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Model
Athlete Development (Powerpoint not compatible in Firefox)- Laurie Eisler
Teaching Reading - John Kessel
Offensive Systems - Ben Josephson
Does Momentum Exist in Volleyball? - Mark Schilling
Science vs. Belief Based Coaching - John Kessel
Perceptual Expertise in Sport (Myths & Reality) - Mark Williams
Decisions, Decisions - Kevin McKean
Biomechanics of Attacking - Dr. Pierre Baudin
Implementing Imagery for Coaches - Dr. Lisa Rogerson
Progressions for Forearm Pass & Defense - Dr. Lorne Sawula
Movement & Overhand Pass - Dr. Lorne Sawula
Training the High School Practice - Ken Briggs
2011 Symposium Drills
Communication with Athletes - Nicolas Allen
UofW Practice Plan - Larry McKay
Practice and Psychological Skills - Keith Hansen
Training the Passing Attacker - Keith Hansen
Keys to Blocking - Pierre Baudin
Training the First Contact - Ron Thomson
Movement Preparation - Scott Lahey
Physical Training Principles - Scott Lahey
Basic Mental Training Skills - Andrew Ling
Indoor vs. Beach Rules - Kathy Tough

FIVB Technical Videos



Human Kinetics is a publications company with many great coaching resources. They have multiple book/resources for our sport.

Coaching Volleyball Champions: Principles and Practices of Successful Coaches- Ard Biesheuvel and Mary Dyck  (2010). PREFACE: This book features interviews with some of the best coaches in North America, including Canadians Garth Pischke (U of Manitoba), Laurie Eisler (U of Alberta), Terry Danyluk (U of Alberta), Doug Reimer (U of British Columbia), Richard Schick (U of British Columbia), Keith Hansen (Red Deer College) and Kevin Boyles (U of Calgary). The book also include champion coaches, Marv Dunphy (Pepperdine), Carl McGown (USA Volleyball), Al Scates (UCLA) and Jim McLaughlin (U of Washington). The coaches also provided their five favorite drills (56 in total). Hugh McCutcheon, the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winning coach, provides the foreword. We feel this book will be a valuable resource for Canadian coaches.