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Please update your Sportlomo bookmarks, and links on your websites or social media, to the NEW Sportlomo URL pages that include volleyball.canada in the URL. **URL pages were updated to Volleyball Canada branding on August 12, 2022**

Member Registration Portal for Volleyball Alberta Membership

Event Registration Portal for Volleyball Alberta Events

Sportlomo User Account Login


Club Portal Login for Administrators 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 season!

The VRS-Sportlomo will open for VA's 2022-23 season on August 2nd at 9:00am! New Season Membership Registrations Are Now Open! 

Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada memberships are valid from September 1st to August 31st of each year. 

Volleyball Alberta requires Players, Coaches, Referees, and Club Staff to become members prior to registering for any of our programs and events and must have a valid email address to complete the online registration process on Sportlomo.

Membership Registration Process 

Step 1: Watch the Registration Demo Videos (scroll down, they are lower on this page under the support section)

Step 2:  Purchase your Volleyball Alberta Membership Registration

  • Club Presidents, select the [2023 Leader - Club President] membership registration

  • Players, select the [2023 Youth Development Player – Tryout] membership registration during the early signing and tryout period

NEW FOR 2023: Youth Development Player – Tryout, this membership is for all athletes that sign a letter of intent (LOI) for the 2022-23 season and/or to participate in a tryout. Once selected to a team that will participate in a Premier, Provincial, or National Event, this membership will need to be upgraded to the: Youth Competitive Player – Age. RE: Membership upgrades, please confirm with your club team as your club may include your competitive player upgrade fee in their team fees and the club team will take care of membership upgrades.

The: Youth Recreational Player – Indoor, is for athletes that participate in a recreational program: Mini, Atomic, League, Camp, Clinic and does NOT plan to participate in Premier, Provincial, or National Events.

There are a few ways to upgrade a membership on Sportlomo. Please check with your team to know if the team is taking care of the player upgrades -- the club pays via their club portal group registration. The upgrade fee is included in your team fees -- or if the individual needs to upgrade via their user login -- Dual Membership, individual needs to pay the upgrade fee --. Step by step instructions can be found lower on this page, look under the support section.   

Youth Competitive Player Membership Upgrades will only be available after the school season. All players must first register as Youth Development Player – Tryout, sign their waivers and those selected to a club team will be given instructions on how to upgrade their registration later.

  • Coaches, Select the appropriate [2023 Leader - Club/Team Personnel - Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or Trainer] 

  • Referees, Select the appropriate [2023 Leader – Indoor Referee Level …] membership registration

Step 3: Membership categories that are subject to the Person in Authority Check (PIA's) must complete these prior to acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of Volleyball Canada; Volleyball Alberta and affiliated Clubs/Teams. Coaches must complete these before the roster lock deadline of their first tournament to be allowed on the bench at VA Premiers & Provincials. Referees must complete these prior to their first assignment. 

Person In Authority (PIA) Checks

Screening of personnel and volunteers is an important part of providing a safe sporting environment. Volleyball Alberta is responsible by law, to do everything reasonable to provide a safe and secure environment for participants in its programs, activities and events. Volleyball Alberta is committed to fulfilling the duty of care it owes to its members. Person In Authority Checks (PIA’s) should be completed PRIOR to an individual working with a club, athletes, or for Volleyball Alberta.

What are the Person in Authority Checks (PIA's) ? FAQ Document

PIA's on Sportlomo, update as of November 24, 2022

Volleyball Canada requires that all individuals involved with the sport across the country take the new Safe Sport training module. This includes coaches, referees, club administrative staff, and all membership categories that require the person in authority check. The training is available online through the Locker at no cost. The 90-minute eLearning module gives participants the tools to recognize, address and prevent maltreatment in sport.

Person In Authority Check - Volleyball Alberta

These links are for NEW Leaders and those needing to RENEW

The Locker

"Safe Sport Training"

Look up my NCCP #

Don't have an NCCP#?
Create one now! 

"enter your NCCP # on your membership registration form and your VRS-Sportlomo *Qualifications should update 24hrs after completing The Locker required module(s)"

valid for 3-years, Free
or if a new course is created 


***The Locker Coach Transcript Search
for screening designates. The Coach Transcript search provides verification of a coach’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) credentials. ***



Sterling myBackCheck-Volleyball Alberta Portal

"Criminal Record Check"

"NEW & RENEW: Start Your CRC Background Check HERE to register for an account on Sterling myBackCheck and to have your results automatically shared with your club and Volleyball Alberta"

*** or ***

"For Individuals, For Organizations
that already have an account on
Sterling myBackCheck. Make sure your results are shared with your club, Volleyball Alberta & Volleyball Canada"

Login to your myBackCheck account

valid for 3-years 

If your CRC is dated 2019 or 2020, you will need to complete a new check during this season. See instructions above for the link to RENEW on the Sterling myBackCheck - Volleyball Alberta portal

Annual Screening Form 

"Screening Disclosure Form"

"Login to your Sportlomo User Account, choose Association: Volleyball Alberta Membership. On your Member ID Card, click [qualifications], start a new Qualification [Person In Authority Check - Volleyball Alberta (i)], find [Screening Disclosure Form] click the [direct] icon to start. Start Date: today's date. The expiry date will auto-fill. Click [save]. The form will load. Complete the form & submit it. 

How To submit the annual Volleyball Alberta Screening Disclosure Form VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (posted Nov. 30, 2022)

annual form on sportlomo, Free






Member Registration Support Section:

NEW How To Register - Youth Player (2022-2023)

NEW How To Register - Leaders - Club Team Personnel, Coaches, Volunteers (2022-2023)

NEW How To Register - Referees (2022-2023)

NEW How To Register - Club Presidents (2022-2023)

NEW Multi Role Registration (video)
This allows a single member to register into more than one membership type on a single registration.

NEW Existing member registering into new season (video)

Member Registration - Youth Recreational Player, Adult Recreational Player, Coach, Referee... (video)

Activate Sportlomo account video

Additional details required, Accept registration as a member video

DUAL membership – video

RE DUAL Membership – guide - email template

Upgrade/Add Category to membership video 

How to request a membership refund video    see refund policy 

Club Portal Support Section:

NEW 2023 Volleyball Alberta Premiers & Provincials Registration Guide (posted Nov. 24, 2022)

NEW 2023 Volleyball Alberta Premiers & Provincials Registration Guide video VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (posted Nov. 30, 2022)

NEW How To Register - Club Portal, Team Registrations, PIA's (posted Nov. 24, 2022)

NEW Club Portal Onboarding Video (posted Nov. 24, 2022) 

NEW How To submit the annual Volleyball Alberta Screening Disclosure Form VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (posted Nov. 30, 2022)

NEW emailing members of an individual roster or panel

  Membership > Group Registration – club pays for membership upgrade video

  Club President Registration Video

  Club Approval Application Process video

  Roster/panel creation, entering events and editing the roster, for club admins video

  Roster Edit demo for club admins starts @ min 6:00 video

RE Needs More Info - action required_Time Sensitive - email template


Membership Registration Guide – Beach  

Beach Referee Registration - Existing Member (video)

Beach Referee Registration - Existing Member (document)

Accept Place on Team - Existing Member - Beach

Accept Place on Team - New Member

Adult Leagues

Do you need insurance coverage for your Recreational Volleyball League?

Follow the steps in this document: How To Register - Adult Leagues (2022-2023)


  Other general FAQ help

  Sportlomo's Volleyball Canada Club admin support page



Sportlomo Support Contact

Member support -

Club support -

Sportlomo Support Email:

2022-01-21: Sportlomo Support Process Update

Volleyball Alberta Support Contact

Julie Noel | Coordinator, Membership Services 

780-415-1703 ext 1

Office hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, MDT

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