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Sportlomo Referee Registration Step by Step Instructions

***Please complete via desktop browser, items may be placed in different areas if you complete this on your cell phone***

***Please have your NCCP# ready to add :)***

      1. Please click the following link to choose your membership: 


      2. Please scroll down and choose which Level you currently are "2023 Leader - Referee - Level ?"

              ***If you have to register as a referee and another role (ex Coach, Manager or Rec Player so on...), Pick the Multi Role Package. Please follow this video: ***

      3. Once clicking "Continue", please log into your account. If you do not have an account please create one now.

      4. The "Register/ Renew Membership" page should now be up, and click the red button saying "Add/Renew".

      5. Click "2022-23" on the left then, scroll all the way down on this page should state your total (ex Fees) and click "Continue".

      6. Find the scroll down menu in the middle of the page and pick your name, then press "Continue".

      7. Fill out all information, ensure you add your NCCP#.

      8. Scroll down to the "Wavier" section to view and accept all waivers by clicking the boxes next to the Waiver Name.

      9. Below the Waivers, to be able to sign, please scroll down through the agreement, then it will allow you to sign.

     10. Read and accept the "Pre-Season Conussion Education Sheet" and "Refunds" sections. Then fill out the signature below and press "Register"

     11. Review the "Purchase Summary" and press "Continue" after filling in your payment details.


Sportlomo Screening Step by Step Instructions:

(Please complete registration above before completing the steps below)

          1a. Please click the following link to begin and log in:


          1b. (This step only occurs with some members) Please select the Association you are apart of and would like to update.

          2. Please find the "Qualifications" button in the middle of the screen and click that, then on the next page click "+ Start a New Qualification"

          3. Find "Person In Authority - Current Background Check Valid" and on the far right of that line click the "i".

          4. Scroll down the new page and click "Start Qualification".

          5. Scroll down to the section named "Prerequisite Credentials". Below find "Screening Discloure Form" and click "Direct" on the far right of that line

          6. Scroll down enter todays date beside "Start Date", (End Date will automatically be filled) and click "Save".

          7. Continue through the Screening, filling out all needed information, press next at the bottom of the page until completion.


Safe Sport Module by NCCP Step by Step Instructions:

***Please complete via desktop browser, items may be placed in different areas if you complete this on your cell phone***

     1. Click the following link to be rerouted to the NCCP website:

     2. Please log in, if you do not have an account, please click "Dont have an NCCP#? Create one now!".

     3. Once you're logged in, Click "E-Learning" at the top of the page.

     4. On the far left side of the page, ensure "Multi-Sport" is clicked, then scroll down and click "Safe Sport Training".

     5. In the middle of the page, it will give you two options: Sport or Multi- Sport. Please Click "Sport" and find/click "Volleyball".

     6. Once Volleyball is clicked, check off each role you have within the sport including "Official". (This will not change the Module)

     7. Click "Continue" below and then on the new page (or scroll up on the current page), click "Begin" to start the module.


Complete a Criminal Record Check Step by Step Instructions (18+ Only):

***The total will be $25 (plus tax) if it is anymore, please do not pay and retry the steps below***


***No other 3rd Party, Police, or RCMP background checks will be accepted, only through this link is accepted ***

      1. Click the following link

      2. In the 1st dropdown menu on that page pick “Volleyball Alberta Referees”

      3. In the 2nd dropdown menu on that page pick “Applicant Paid – Club Coach, Volunteer & Referee”

      4. It will take you to the myBackCheck log in page, please log in or click “Register Here” if you don’t have an account.

      5. Once logged in and clicking the link above, an invitation will be in your inbox on my BackCheck.

      6. Once clicking the message in the Inbox, it will ask to complete a new Check or to share a current backcheck which would not be expired

      7. Once myBackCheck is completed and paid for, it will ask you to complete the Local Police Information Form after payment to ensure the Back Check is sent to police.

If your BackCheck isn't processing? VA cannot help due to Privacy Reasons of my BackCheck please call Sterling Backcheck Toll Free: (866) 455-7293 (option 1, client service)


The Arbiter:

***Reminder we DO NOT use Arbiter Pay***

Link is

Don't have an Arbiter account? Reach out to your Zone Assignor to obtain one! (Contact Information Below)


Looking for Clinic's or Clinic Information?

Please click:


Links for All!

2022-23 Rate Sheet!


Links for Zone Team Members:

***Access has only been granted for individuals apart of Zone Teams***

Zone Team Information Folder

Updated Registration Link

Novice Referee To Do List


Contact Our Zone Teams if Needed!!

Zone Area Name Position Contact Information
All Alberta Katyryna Gaudet Regional Referee Chair (RRC)
Zone 1 Lethbridge & Area Jordon Wong Zone 1 Lead (ZRL) and Assignor
Zone 2 Calgary's Surrounding Areas

Karina Regier

Laurel Hunt

Zone 2 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 2 Assignor

Zone 3 Calgary

Jenna Nichol

Sherri Weed

Marcos Costa

Jenna Nichol

Nivi Uppal

Zone 3 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 3 HS Season Assignor

Zone 3 Tournament Assignor

Zone 3 Post Secondary Assignor

Zone 3 Referee Development (Clinics)

Zone 4 Central Alberta

Todd Sieben

Travis Rott

John Strong

Zone 4 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 4 HS Season Assignor

Zone 4 Tournament Assignor

Zone 5 Medicine Hat & Area

Francis MacQuarrie

Mike Weisberger

Roger Chan

Zone 5 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 5 Assignor

Zone 5 Development 

Zone 6 Edmonton & Area

Shawn Shepherd

Steven Cabral

Roberto Gallardo

Hamed Sepehr

Zone 6 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 6 Assignor

Zone 6 Referee Development (Clinics)

Zone 6 Secretary

Zone 7 Eastern Alberta


Travis Rott

Zone 7 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 7 Assignor

Zone 8 Grande Prairie & Area

Megan Van Bavel

Pam Rintoul

Zone 8 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 8 Assignor

Zone 9 Fort McMurray and Area

Bruce Doucette

Al Zhang

Zone 9 Lead (ZRL)

Zone 9 Assignor

Beach Referees Alberta

Shawn Shepherd

Beach Referees Lead (ZRL)
Referee Financials and VA Club Tournament Assignor Alberta

Vinny Saporito

Volleyball AB Liaison