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Volleyball Alberta Symposium Videos & Resources

Video Presentations

2019 Volleyball Alberta Coach and Referee Symposium
Mount Royal University 
Calgary, AB

Coach Stream Presentations Referee Stream Presentations

Tom Black
Training the Setter & Offensive System

Tom Black
Motor Learning: From Principles to Practice

Dr. Kerry MacDonald
Athlete Wellness & Wellbeing: Our Responsibility as Coaches

Dr. Kerry MacDonald
Training Read Skills in Volleyball

Shannon Winzer
Practice Modelling: Training the Middle Attack

Joe Trinsey
Middle-Middle Defense: Practice & Execution

Dr. Cari Din
Leadership in Volleyball Workshop
* Facilitated and active workshop - no video available

André Trottier
Experiences & Insights from an International FIVB Beach Volleyball Referee

André Trottier
The Beach Referee: Responsibilities & Match Preparation

Scott Borys
Match Preparation & Self Analysis

Debbie Jackson
Building Positive Relationships in Sport

Malcolm Mousseau
Procedures for Match Management: Player & Coach Management

Ken Briggs
Coach-Referee Relationship: Expectations of High Performance Referees

Scott Borys & Jim Merrick
The Roles of a Second Official and an Interactive Rules Review
* Facilitated and active workshop - no video available

2019 Volleyball Alberta Coaching Symposium
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB

Keith Hansen
In-System vs Out of System

Dr. Scott McLean
Psychology of Refereeing

Lee Carter
Teaching Systems

Brock Davidiuk
Effective & Safe Warm-Ups

Jen Telfer
Method 2 Blocking Drills

Ron Thomson
10 Ideas for an Effective Practice

Shannon Pyth
Positive Youth Development

Ron Thomson
Peaking at the Right Time

Dr. Pierre Baudin
Drill Design: Myths about Block vs Randomized Training

Keith Hansen
Elite to Age Class Development

Dr. Lorne Sawula
Basic to Advanced Serving Skills

Ian Halliday
Introduction to Sitting Volleyball

2018 Volleyball Alberta Coaching Symposium
Mount Royal University 
Calgary, AB

Paul Armbruster
Bunch Blocking

Julie Young
Read Defense

Laurie Eisler
Training Effective On-Court Communication

Lee Carter
Training the Libero

Jon Goldie
Training the Setter

Shawn Sky
Teaching Confidence, Focus & Composure

Leigh Goldie
Practice Planning

Art O'Dwyer
Serve & Receive

Carlyn Stilling
Building Durable Athletes

Carlyn Stilling
Team AB Warm-Up Part I & Team AB Warm-Up Part II

 2017 Volleyball Alberta Coaching Symposium
Saville Community Sports Centre
Edmonton, AB

Brock Davidiuk
Setter Training (Team AB Curriculum)

Ryan Hofer 
The Most Important Skills in Scoring

Keith Hansen
Effective Junior High School Practice Habits

Dr. Vicki Harber
Promoting Positive Parenting in Sport

Ben Josephson
Practice Planning & Drill Design

Laurie Eisler
Serving Mechanics, Mindset & Meaningful Practice 

Keith Hansen
The Art of Coaching

Dr. Pierre Baudin
Skill Analysis Using Technology

Linda Rizzoli & Leanne French
Coaching to the Bigger Picture


Additional Coaching Symposium Resources

Injury Prevention - Kerry MacDonald
10,000 Drills in Sixty Minutes - Kerry MacDonald
Athlete Development - Laurie Eisler
Teaching Reading - John Kessel
Offensive Systems - Ben Josephson
Does Momentum Exist in Volleyball? - Mark Schilling
Science vs. Belief Based Coaching - John Kessel
Perceptual Expertise in Sport (Myths & Reality) - Mark Williams
Decisions, Decisions - Kevin McKean
Biomechanics of Attacking - Dr. Pierre Baudin
Implementing Imagery for Coaches - Dr. Lisa Rogerson
Progressions for Forearm Pass & Defense - Dr. Lorne Sawula
Movement & Overhand Pass - Dr. Lorne Sawula
Training the High School Practice - Ken Briggs
2011 Symposium Drills
Communication with Athletes - Nicolas Allen
UofW Practice Plan - Larry McKay
Practice and Psychological Skills - Keith Hansen
Training the Passing Attacker - Keith Hansen
Keys to Blocking - Pierre Baudin
Training the First Contact - Ron Thomson
Movement Preparation - Scott Lahey
Physical Training Principles - Scott Lahey
Basic Mental Training Skills - Andrew Ling