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15U & 16U Girls

2020 Team Alberta Training Centre & Competition Teams

Athlete Eligibility

Athletes from the following two age categories will be considered for the Team Alberta program:

  • Athletes born in September 2004 or later*. Athletes within the 16-month window AND in the same grade level as the program year (Grade 9) will be given the most consideration for eligibility for this program.
  • Athletes born in September 2003 or later* Athletes within the 16-month window AND in the same grade level as the program year (Grade 10) will be given the most consideration for eligibility for this program.
  • Note: *Older athletes may be considered based on their physical and skill development level.

Program Goals

  • The goal of our provincial team program is to identify athletes who have the potential to develop and reach the next levels in our sport. This would include post-secondary, National Team programs and professional leagues.
  • To identify coaches that have potential to coach in a high-performance stream.
  • To help develop the athlete’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills by exposing them to enriched levels of training and competition.
  • To mentor, develop and educate coaches in a high-performance environment.
  • To provide opportunities for athletes and coaches to build their competence, character, confidence and leadership. To encourage/inspire athletes and coaches to reach the highest levels in our sport.
  • To prepare athletes and coaches for participation and success at the post-secondary and National Team levels as well as Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, and the Canada Cup.

Physical Profile of a Team Alberta Athlete

The goals of our program cannot necessarily be met by simply examining the most skilled athletes at each level.  Identified athletes need to have the size and athleticism that are essential for success at the higher levels. Volleyball skills can be further refined as athletes get exposure and practice within our sport. 

Our High Performance Committee has researched and evaluated physical testing results from numerous sources to understand the base physical performance levels that athletes should possess for continued success in our sport. 

16U Female Team Alberta Athlete- Physical Profile (with recommended standards)

Standards updated by the High Performance Committee in October 2019
Position Reach  Block Jump  Spike Jump  Pro-Agility Test (seconds)
Setter 218.5 cm (7'2"= 86") 261.5 cm (8'7"= 103") 273 cm (8'11.5"= 107.5") 4.1
Middle 231 cm (7'7"= 91") 272 cm (8'11"= 107")  284.5 cm (9'4" = 112") 4.1
Outside 221 cm (7'3"= 87") 265 cm (8'8.5"= 104.5") 279 cm (9'2"= 110") 4.1
Libero        4.1

Please note: These standards are not the sole factor in athlete identification or selection. Athletes also need to demonstrate potential to be an elite athlete, a willingness to learn, a great attitude, decision making and leadership skills.

Identification/Program Pathway

  1. Club Coaches will receive an email asking for their athlete recommendations in January (after the Premier 1 registration deadline).
  2. Recommended athletes will be invited to do the physical testing. Conducted tests include weight, height, seated height, standing reach, wingspan, grip strength, vertical jump (block, spike), Pro-Agility test. 
  3. Team Alberta staff will receive the list of the athlete recommendations and testing results to begin their evaluations at the Premier events.
  4. Testing and performance results  will be used to extend select athletes an offer to attend the ID Camp.
  5. Athletes will be evaluated at the ID Camp. Athletes not in attendance at the ID Camp may still move forward in the evaluation process.
  6. Team Alberta staff will continue to evaluate athletes in the Premier Season.
  7. Select Athletes will be invited to attend the Training Centre in the summer. 
  8. From the Training Camp, three teams of 12 athletes will be selected (for more information, please refer to the 2020 Team Alberta- Athlete Selection Policy) to represent Alberta at Canada Cup. 

Team Alberta Training Centre

The purpose of the Team Alberta Training Centre is to expose a larger number of athletes to advanced instruction in volleyball specific skills, fitness, mental, and physical preparation. The focus will be on technical and tactical training in all aspects of the game by both Provincial Team Coaches and guest coaches from around the province.  Approximately 70 female athletes will attend the Team Alberta Training Camp in July (approximately 24 15U Girls and 48 16U Girls). Athletes attending the Training Camp will have 5-6 days of training with Alberta’s top coaches and high performance staff.

Team Alberta Competition Teams

At the conclusion of the Training Centre, three competition teams will be selected to continue to train and represent Alberta at the Canada Cup tournament. Athletes will be placed on the team that is most appropriate for their development level. Team Alberta White typically is composed of primarily 15U athletes, with Team Alberta Blue and Black typically are composed of more 16U athletes. 

Key Dates for 2020 (Dates and locations may be subject to change):

  • January (after Premier 1 deadline): Club Coaches receive request for Athlete Recommendations
  • TBA: Recommended Athletes attend evening physical testing
  • March 21: 15U & 16U Identification Camp (Red Deer)
  • June 30-July 5: Training Camp (Red Deer, AB). Competition Team Selection take place on July 5/ Non-selected athletes are released. 
  • July 5 - 14: Competition Team Training (Red Deer, AB)
  • July 15: Canada Cup Practice day       
  • July 16-19: Canada Cup (Calgary, AB)


2020 Coaching Staff

2020 Team Alberta White Women's Head Coach: Ian McIntyre

  • Team Alberta Head Coach 17U Girls – 2019
  • Team Alberta Head Coach 16U Girls – 2015, 2016, 2017. Team Alberta Head Coach 15u Girls - 2018
  • Team Alberta Assistant Coach: 2011 & 2012 (16U Girls), 2013 & 2014 (18U Girls)
  • 12+ years as Canada West Coach
  • Rally Pointe Clinician, Camp Organizer & Program Manager
  • NCCP Performance Coach - Trained 

2020 Team Alberta White Women's Assistant Coach: Kacey Otto

2020 Team Alberta Black Head Coach: Chantelle LaMotte

  • 2019-2020, & 2012-2017: University of Alberta Pandas Assistant Coach

2019: Team Alberta 17U Girls Assistant Coach

  • Holds Masters of Coaching Studies from the University of Victoria
  • 2017- 2019 & 2015-2016: Grande Prairie Regional College Head Coach
  • 2014 - 2016: Pandas Volleyball Club Head Coach
  • 2007-2009, 2011, 2013: Team Saskatchewan Coach

2020 Team Alberta Black Women's Assistant Coach: Lexi Peart


    2020 Team Alberta Blue Women's Head Coach: Chris Cheng

    • 2019 16U Team Alberta Blue Assistant Coach
    • Current Assistant Coach with Mount Royal Univeristy Women
    • 2017-2019: Gentofte Volley, Professional Liga Women's, Denmark Head Coach 
    • 2018: CMS Crush Women's Team (ONE Volley Calgary) Assistant Coach
    • Holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from the University of Calgary

    2020 Team Alberta Blue Women's Assistant Coach: Leah Shevkenek

    • 2019 15U Team Alberta White Assistant Coach
    • 2019: Professional Volleyball Athlete: PSVBG Salzburg Austria 
    • May - Aug 2017: Senior Women's National Team
    • Bachelors degree in the Faculty of Arts in Communications and Culture, with minors in Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Calgary

    Financial Assistance Program

    Athletes in financial need can apply to Volleyball Alberta for assistance via the Hugh Hoyles Scholarship Fund

    Below is a list of other scholarships, grants, and programs that athletes may apply for:

    • Kid Sport Alberta: KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under
    • JumpStart: Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.

    For more information on the Team Alberta program, please contact Diane Bugler at or call 403-202-6540.


    2019 Team Alberta Training Centre

    Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the Team Alberta program.  These athletes will be at the Team Alberta Training Centre from July 2th - 7th

    15U Athletes

    Avery Anderson, Narelle Arnold, Sheridan Coninx, Dominique Desautels, Olivia Edlund, Daniela Falaye, Sophie Ferguson, Nalaina Funk, Kristin Gilmour, Grace Haws, Carlee Heidebrecht, Lailatu Ibrahim, Laila Johnston, Brooklyn Knoch, Taylor Lougheed, Marlyn Ma, Brooke Malek, Ellie Masters, Peighton Melton, Robyn Mclean, Emma Morrison, Hattie Ogden, Issy Robertshaw, Paige Roslinsky, Kate Schneider, Emelie Silovs, Danielle Smith, Kasandra Trenke, Madeleine Vincett, Taylor Wright

    16U Athletes

    Kallie Ball, Ava Beisla, Jillian Bieraugle, Maryn Boldon, Emma Brooks, Arden Butler, Abigail Carter Wilson, Faith Christensen, Heather Del Pero, Jayden Easingwood, Kinna Fisher, Kara Frith, Kaylee Glanville, Tielle Hagel, Jada Hamer, Taylor Hart, Ella Hornby, Maya Jovanovic, Hayley Kennedy, Andi Krawec, Sophie Krupp, Ashley Lockwood, Morgan McKale, Tanisha McQueen, Isla Olesen, Kinleigh Pate, Lyndsey Peltzer, Lana Pralica, Annika Radke, Kyra Rawlusyk, Jenna Rivard, Sona Sajeev, Tyra Sharuga, Payton Shimoda, Samantha Silva, Jailyn Stouffer, Kaylyn Tanton, Mary Thiessen, Emma Thompson, Kindigo Watson, Shynelle Woroniuk, Sarah Zonneveld. 

    2019 Team Alberta 15U Competition Teams

    Team Alberta White
    # Athlete Name Position
    1 Dani Smith Setter
    2 Dominique Desautels Middle
    3 Robyn McLean Libero
    4 Issy Robertshaw Setter
    7 Kasandra Trenke Middle
    8 Laila Johnston  Outside
    9 Emma Morrison Outside
    10 Narelle Arnold Outside
    11 Sheridan Coninx  Middle
    12 Emelie Silovs Outside
    13 Madeleine Vincett Middle
    14 Laila Ibrahim Outside
    5 Renee Jodoin Alternate
    15 Sophie Ferguson Middle

    2019 Team Alberta 16U Competition Teams

    Team Alberta Black 
    # Athlete Name Position
    1 Shynelle Woroniuk Outside
    2 Andi Krawec Outside
    3 Ashley Lockwood Middle
    4 Kara Frith Middle
    5 Taylor Hart Outside
    6 Kinna Fisher Setter
    8 Kylee Glanville  Outside
    9 Faith Christensen Middle
    10 Lana Pralica Middle
    11 Jada Hamer  Outside
    13 Morgan McKale Outside
    15 Tielle Hagel Setter
    7 Ellie Masters Alternate
    12 Tanisha McQueen Alternate
    Team Alberta Blue
    # Athlete Name Position
    17 Maryn Bolden Outside
    20 Payton Shimoda Setter
    21 Sona Sajeev Middle
    22 Brooke Malek Libero
    24 Kindigo Watson Outside
    25 Jailyn Stouffer Middle
    26 Arden Butler Outside
    27 Jenna Rivard Middle
    28 Isla Olesen Middle
    29 Emma Brooks Midde
    30 Mary Thiessen Outside
    32 Sarah Zonneveld Setter
    16 Hattie Ogden Alternate
    18 Tyra Sharuga Alternate

    2019 Western Canada Summer Games Team

    Coaches: Carolyn O'Dwyer, Sammy Fraser, Sandra Lamb
    # Athlete Name Position
    6 Kinna Fisher Setter
    8 Kylee Glanville  Outside
    9 Faith Christensen Middle
    10 Lana Pralica Middle
    11 Jada Hamer  Outside
    17 Maryn Bolden Outside
    21 Sona Sajeev Middle
    22 Brooke Malek Libero
    26 Arden Butler Outside
    27 Jenna Rivard Middle
    30 Mary Thiessen Outside
    32 Sarah Zonneveld Setter

    2018 Team Alberta 16U Competition Teams

     Team Alberta Black
    # Athlete Name Position
    2 Jayden Dixon Libero
    3 Abigail Weiss Setter
    4 Madison Macfie Outside Hitter
    5 Megan McDonald Setter (Alternate)
    6 Grace Coulter Outside Hitter
    7 Avery Bates Middle
    8 Megan Harley Outside Hitter
    9 Sarah Heupel Outside Hitter (Alternate)
    10 Lauren Kauffeldt Outside Hitter
    11 Kendra Kern Setter
    12 Scarlett Gingera Outside Hitter
    14 Kaylee Plouffe Middle
    15 Lauren Tensen Middle
    16 Polina Golovina Outside Hitter
    Team Alberta Blue
    # Athlete Name Position
    1 Mackenzie Logan Middle
    2 Petra Jurcak Libero
    3 Evelyn Kath Setter
    4 RaeAnna Armbruster Rightside
    5 Ashley Krause Outside Hitter (alternate) 
    6 Madison Hoppus Outside Hitter
    7 Jordyn Sealock Outside Hitter
    8 Sophie Reed Rightside
    9 Avery Burgar Middle 
    10 Kendall Tanner Middle/OH (Alternate)
    11 Nora Kotun Outside Hitter
    12 Rachel Perry Outside Hitter
    13 Olivia Clague Middle
    14 Edan Wade Setter
     Team Alberta White
    # Athlete Name Position
    1 Jessie Shang Outside Hitter
    2 Brooke Malek Libero
    3 Lana Pralica Middle
    12 Sarah Zonneveld Setter
    5 Payton Shimoda Setter/Libero (alternate) 
    6 Kinna Fisher Setter
    7 Jada Hamer Rightside
    8 Kylee Glanville Outside Hitter
    9 Mary Thiessen Outside Hitter
    10 Sona Sajeev Middle/OH
    11 Faith Christensen Middle
    13 Shynelle Woroniuk Outside Hitter
    14 Mya Scoble Rightside (alternate)
    15 Makenna Hogg Middle/OH