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Edmonton Programs


Volleyball Alberta will be offering our Youth Edmonton beach skill development programs starting in June. All programs will adhere to the Government of Alberta guidelines at that time and may be restructured to follow all guidelines. These programs include:

More information will be posted on our website and social media outlets when it becomes available.

Volleyball Alberta 2020 Youth Beach Programs 

(born in 2002 and later)
Edmonton Youth Beach- Training will be held at John Fry Beach Volleyball Park


Monday/Wednesday Skill Development

Tuesday/Thursday Skill Development
Thursdays Youth Coed 2's League Nights

Dates, ages and times TBD

June 7 - June 30
Rain out date:
June 1 - June 24
Rain out date: 
July - August: TBD
Rain out date: Septemer 3
4:30pm - 6:00pm 4:30pm - 6:00pm 4:30pm - 6:00pm
$175 + GST $175 + GST $200/Team




Edmonton Volleyball Camp (EVC)

Volleyball Alberta is hosting outdoor summer day camps in Edmonton, AB at our John Fry beach courts. This developmental camp spans 5 days with an emphasis on the basic skills and fitness levels for all athletes. Each day is scheduled with on-court instruction, game play, and fitness activities.

  Age Start Date End Date Registration Link
Week 1 - JFP (Outdoors) 12 - 15 ('06 - '09) August 2 August 6 Week 1
Week 2 - JFP (Outdoors) 12 - 15 ('06 - '09) August 9 August 13 Week 2


Membership Fee: Each athlete will need to purchase the Beach Recreational Membership of $10.25 prior to registering. This will be discounted if upgrading from indoor to beach.

Here is the link to purchase a membership:

Registration form (not available yet)

**In Step 2 choose: Youth Beach Recreational Player


Tuesdays - Skill Development (13U - 18U): This program is an 8 week program designed for participants who are looking to develop and refine their beach volleyball skill sets while learning to be more effective on the sand.  Participants will learn proper technique and tactics for forearm passing, setting, serving and attacking through progressions and modified games.  This program will be divided with 45 minutes of skill development followed by 45 minutes of modified game play.

Wednesdays - Tripleball Youth 2’s League (12U - 14U): 

The goal of Tripleball is to promote better skill development, participation, meaningful competition, and fun.  Participants can register in 2’s co-ed or same gender, and will play 2 games each on Wednesday. The last league night will consist of playoffs and prizes will be given.



Ball 1: Team A Serve (player 1) 

Ball 2: Free Ball to Team B (player 1 on Rightside)

Ball 3: Free Ball to Team B (player 2 on Leftside)

Sequence 2

Ball 1: Team B Serve (player 1)

Ball 2: Free Ball to Team A (player 1 on Rightside)

Ball 3: Free Ball to Team A (player 2 on Leftside)

Sequence 3

Ball 1: Team A Serve (player 2)

Ball 2: Free Ball to Team B (player 2 on Rightside)

Ball 3: Free Ball to Team B (player 1 on Leftside)

Sequence 4

Ball 1: Team B Serve (player 2)

Ball 2: Free Ball to Team A (player 2 on Rightside)

Ball 3: Free Ball to Team A (player 1 on Leftside)

Start the sequence again

Teams that are off will be the shaggers and scorekeepers and a parent will be the tosser. With free balls being entered one side at a time, the parent will have enough time to switch sides on the court eliminating the need for a second tosser. 

If there are no parents available to help run a court, either myself or one of the kids sitting off will forego their duties as the shaggers/scorekeepers and take on the job of entering in the free balls and/or scorekeeping. 

*We will have 5-6 balls on each court so the sequences/games can go fairly quickly and stay on time.


Thursdays -  Youth 2's League (15U - 18U): Volleyball Alberta Youth 2’s Leagues are a fun way to be physically active during the summer months.  It provides an opportunity for youth to practice their skills in a game-play structure.  Participants register in 2’s (co-ed or same gender) and will play 4 -1 set each Thursday. The last league night will consist of playoffs and prizes will be given.

- a $60 default deposit is required over and above the registration fee.
-default fees are charged in increments of $20
-Each time a team does not show up $20 will be deducted from the deposit that is refunded at the end of the league play (i.e. if a team misses two league nights then the refund will be $20)
-The default deposited will be refunded in full at the end of the season if there are no defaults.

It is the responsibility of the team to find a replacement if a player is unable to attend a league night.  All substitutes MUST register as a Beach Recreational Player Role ($10.25) prior to arriving on the beach courts.

General Weather information:

The sessions will run in all weather conditions unless there is lightning or severe rain making it unsafe to play. Always show up to games even if it is raining as weather can change very quickly. Assume all games are a go unless otherwise stated through email or on the VA website. 

You can check if a league night will be canceled by looking on the Volleyball Alberta Website: (both the ticker on the front page and your specific beach page), VA twitter account, or by email.


We will be following the 30/20 Rule during game play which was set out by the Canada Safety Council.

If thunder is heard within 30 seconds of seeing lightning, games will be postponed. All participants must leave the playing area and seek shelter in a building or an automobile. Never stand under trees, in an open field, or under an umbrella. Games will resume 20 minutes after the thunder and lightning have moved away. If thunder and lightning are still present 20 minutes after, the game will be cancelled and the score counts as it was when the game was stopped. Halfway point of the game must be reached (11 points by one team) for the game to count towards the league standing.

For information on the Edmonton Youth Beach League, please contact  

This document shows the benefits an athlete can get from playing beach volleyball in the summer

Parking is available at the John Fry Parking lot or for extra parking at the Ball Diamond.  Vehicles parked on the grass or street could result in a ticket.

Edmonton League:


John Fry Park
92nd Street and 28th Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Google Map for Directions