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A coach is one of the most influential people in a young person's life. Coaches don't just teach how to hit a ball or block a spike but how to win and lose graciously. The athletic skills young people learn from coaches may only apply for a few years, but the attitudes they develop toward themselves and others will last a lifetime.

As a role model, the coach is a teacher, leader, organizer and counselor.

Certification is achieved through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

However, Coach Education is much broader than a simple certification course.  On-going professional development is required. Volleyball Alberta's annual Coaching Symposium is a great way to improve one's knowledge and network with other coaches.

Coaches have a lot on their plate- so we have developed a Resource page to provide coaches a centralized location for various forms, and Multi-media presentations.

Volleyball Alberta Coaching Requirements

In an effort to provide the best opportunity for athletes to have a positive, safe and rewarding volleyball experience; we've adopted a coaching certification policy. Head Coaches must follow the NEW NCCP certification requirements. Even certified coaches may not have some of the training required, so read through the policy carefully.

2019 Volleyball Alberta & Volleyball Canada Coach Certification Policy

Certification tracking began in 2016/17 season and the policy will be in effect at all future Championships.

  • Head Coaches in their first appearance at a Volleyball Alberta Provincial Championship that do not meet the certification policy by Friday, April 5, 2019 will be fined $300.
  • Head Coaches in their second appearance at a Volleyball Alberta Provincial Championship that do not meet the certification policy by Friday, April 5, 2019 will be fined $300.
  • Head Coaches in their third appearance at a Volleyball Alberta Provincial Championship that do not meet the certification policy by Friday, April 5, 2019 may not participate.

Fines collected will be re-invested into coaching development.

We feel these timelines are reasonable and encourage all coaches to go beyond NCCP certification in their coaching development. We encourage clubs to offer compensation to coaches for their time, dedication and expertise. Coaching is the most significant contributor to athlete development and enjoyment of the game. We would like to thank all coaches for their contribution to the sport of volleyball and the lives young people.

    National Coaching Certification Program

    The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) has been regarded as one of the top coaching education programs in the world but after an extensive review, several modifications have been suggested. Most prominent of these is to ensure that the program is not strictly knowledge based but has a substantial practical component. The main objective for the program is to produce competent coaches rather than simply knowledgeable coaches. As a result, the Coaching Association of Canada adopted a coaching assesment and evaluation process approach for the redevelopment of the certification program. Coaches will be assesed and evaluated on their knowledge at each level.

    The primary goal of the NCCP program is to focus on the holistic development of coaches that reflect the needs of the participants and demands of the sport’s context. More specifically, the philosophy of the NCCP program is to offer quality training to develop competent coaches that can be defined as being able to answer to the needs of the participants within a specific context and intervene effectively within the boundaries of an ethical framework of practice. The emphasis is not on what you “the coach” know but what you can do with what you know. The content of the course focuses on 4 essential generic coaching competencies such as problem solving, intervention, values and critical thinking. In developing these competencies, coaches are trained in all aspects of coaching (i.e. human, technical, practical and strategic) that are relevant to all types of coaches and coaching contexts. This will also provide on-going self-development

    Levels of Certification

    The four (4) levels of certification are the following:

    How Do I Get Certified?

    Volleyball Alberta conducts Technical courses several times a year and oversees the Practical component of the NCCP program. The Theory component is run by Alberta Sport Connection- they offer courses in all regions of the province throughout the year.

    Technical courses apply coaching principles for volleyball. Skills, drills, training methods, strategy and tactics, detection and correction of errors plus psychological preparation are some of the topics covered in this component.

    Maintenance of Certification

    Beginning on January 1st, 2014, Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada will follow the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) NCCP Professional Development policy and procedures.  Coaches will now receive credit within the Locker database for approved professional development experiences.  In order to maintain certification coaches will need to accrue a specific amount of points over a period of 5 years. Please review the CAC's FAQ for all the details.

    The CAC recognizes coaches who are actively coaching with one Professional Development point a year toward their maintenance of certification. Declaring that you are actively coaching is easy. Click here to log in to The Locker, go to your transcript and click the “self-report” whistle icon on the left side of the screen to “Record Active Status”. Don’t forget to come back next year and declare again!

    For a summary of how professional development points will be allotted, please see below.

      Activity Category Points Limitations
    Sport Specific Active coaching 1 point/year for every season coached
    1 point/year for learning facilitator or evaluator activity
    To a maximum of 5 points within 5 years
    NCCP activity 5 points/module No maximum or minimum
    Non-NCCP activity* 3 points for ~3 hours activity Maximum of 3 hours for 1 multiple day clinic/symposium
    Coach self-directed activity* 3 points for the valid certification period Maximum of 3 points for certification renewal period
    Re-evaluation in context 100% of the points required for PD credit in the context No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation
    Multi-Sport NCCP activity 5 points/module No maximum or minimum
    Non-NCCP activity 1 point/hour of activity up to 3 points maximum To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period

    *For Non-NCCP activities, and coach self-directed activities, coaches must get approval from Volleyball Alberta to confirm that credit can be claimed. Contact Jim Plakas for approval.  Procedures for submission of PD points is currently being finalized.