Persons In Authority

Screening of referees, coaches, team staff, and volunteers in our sport is an important part of providing a safe sporting environment.
All Leaders must complete the mandatory requirements prior to working with athletes or within a club. A PIA may not participate in volleyball activities until they have completed the following:
Criminal Records Checks (CRC), Safe Sport Training (SST) OR current Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders, annual Screening Disclosure Form (SDF), or any other requirements that may be imposed by VC or VA. Clubs are required to fully screen all their PIAs for these requirements.

  1. Criminal Record Checks (CRC) are $25 and MUST BE completed through the Volleyball Alberta portal at Sterling Backcheck. Using a different Sterling platform that is not linked to your club, Volleyball Alberta (VA), and Volleyball Canada (VC), OR uploading scans/images of your CRC into Sportlomo will result in an unsuccessful check. If your club is not listed in the list of location on Sterling myBackCheck, or you do not have a login for your club, please email Julie at
    CRC’s are valid for 3 years, please renew your check if it is expired or expiring this season. You can confirm issue date and sharing history by Logging in to your myBackCheck account.
  2. Safe Sport Training (SST) is free and completed in The Locker. The Locker can be used to confirm courses an individual has completed. Users log-in to The Locker using their NCCP number. If you don’t have one, you can create one at the log-in page.
  3. Screening Disclosure Form (SDF) is an annual requirement which is done in Sportlomo during membership registration for all Leader categories.

For more detailed registration information and processes, view the Registration Guides on the How to Register page.

Membership Approval

All Leader membership types will be “Awaiting Approval” until Volleyball Alberta (VA) manually verifies that the individual has an active CRC, SST, SDF & Membership. Once all items are approved and confirmed, the VA screening designate for each department will change the member status from “Awaiting Approval” to “Active”. Members need to be “Active” to register for events and to be rostered. This may take up to 4 business days in peak registration times for members that meet the CRC, SST, SDF & Membership requirements. Any outstanding items related to a check will result in more time. Complete your Criminal Record Check and Safe Sport Training before purchasing your membership!  This will limit delays in approving/activating your membership, as your Screening Disclosure Form is completed during membership purchase.

To follow up on a membership status that is “Awaiting Approval” for more than 4 business days, please email the appropriate VA Department Screening Designate.

Leader Category
Screening Designate
Club Presidents, Volunteers
Julie Noel
Head Coaches
Mike Ling
Assistant Coaches, Managers, Trainers
Ben Saxton
Robyn Bishop

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