This summary is intended to give an overview of the coverage provided to you through the Volleyball Canada National Insurance Policy. It is not intended to indicate the full conditions, terms or exclusion of the Policy.

NOTICE: As of May 3, 2024, please be advised that Volleyball Alberta has recently changed its Insurance Broker to NFP Canada Corp. The limits of liability and coverage remain the same with K&K. The insurance certificates you have from Brokerlink remain valid in terms of the insurer and the coverage provided until the COI expiry date: 2024/06/01.

Why Liability Insurance?

Because no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. And you can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your activities. You may not be liable, but you will need to be defended in court. A liability policy will pay for this defence as well as any costs awarded against you. In short, liability insurance gives you peace of mind.

Who is Insured?

Volleyball Alberta’s Commercial Liability Policy and Sports Accident Policy covers our Registered Members (Athletes, Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Staff & Volunteers) throughout the membership year (September 1 – August 31) but only while acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of Volleyball Canada; Volleyball Alberta and affiliated Clubs/Teams.  Spectators are also covered under both the Commercial Liability Policy and Sports Accident Policy.

Activities Covered

Members are covered while participating in Provincial and National sanctioned or approved events. These may include competitive or recreational and related activities. (i.e Premier series, Provincial and National championships and Sanctioned tournaments, clinics, camps and social activities).

Sanctioned Events

Volleyball Alberta clubs (in good standing) wanting their event sanctioned (thereby ensuring Volleyball Alberta members participating in the event are covered under the Volleyball Alberta insurance plan) will be required to pay a $25 processing fee per event. Events can then be listed as SANCTIONED on our website and a Certificate of Insurance can be provided upon request. In order for Volleyball Alberta to sanction your event, the organizer must ensure that all participants be registered Volleyball Canada Members on the VRS. All other events will be listed as NON-Sanctioned and not covered under our Accident and Liability Plan.

If you would like to sanction your event, contact Julie at with the following information:

Date – Event Name, division of play (age category, boys/girls), location, fee, registration deadline, and contact information.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Clubs are frequently asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance to municipalities, school boards, privately owned facilities, etc. when signing rental agreements. Comprehensive general liability insurance on an occurrence basis is something Volleyball Alberta can provide to registered clubs in good standing. Our limits of liability coverage for commercial general liability – bodily injury and property damage liability – the amount of insurance limit is $5,000,000. Most facilities ask for a minimum of Two Million inclusive limits of liability. Our limit for commercial general liability is Five Million.

Volleyball Alberta requires all clubs and leagues to register with Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada prior to issuing Certificates of Insurance. 

Please submit your COI request using our online request form: Request for Certificates of Insurance 

Summary of Coverage 

Commercial General Liability Limit$5,000,000
Excess Liability $10,000,000
Annual Aggregate (Products & Completed Operations)$15,000,000
Personal Injury$15,000,000
Advertising Injury Limit$5,000,000
Limited Abuse Liability$1,000,000
Medical Payments (Per Person)$2,500
Tenants Legal Liability$5,000,000
Non-Owned automobile – SPF#6 (Liability)$5,000,000
Legal Liability for Damage to Hired Automobile$50,000
Employee Benefit Liability$1,000,000
This Quote is Subject to: 
Each Occurence Deductible$1,000
Tenants Legal Liability Deductible$1,000
Director’s and Officers Liability (Wrongful Acts)**$5,000,000
Employment Practices Liability$5,000,000
Participants Sport Accident Coverage$2,000,000 Aggregate
a) Accident Death & Dismembermenti) Dentures, Hearing Aids
b) Accident Dental Expensej) Eye Glasses & Contact Lens Expense
c) Fracture Indemnityk) Special Treatment Travel Expense
d) Repatriation Benefitl) Rehabilitation Benefit
e) Family Transportation Benefitm) Babysitting
f) Emergency Transportationn) Tuition benefit
g) Out of Province Excess Medicalo) Part Time Youth Wage Loss
h) Home Alteration and/or Vehicle Modification Benefitp) Prosthetic Appliances

* There is a communicable disease/virus exclusion rider on the policy – no coverage is granted for any disease/virus claims. 

* A club should seek additional insurance (monoline property policy) if they have property they want coverage for (i.e. owned premises, equipment) 

** The Director’s and Officers Liability noted on the coverage pertains to Volleyball Alberta Director’s & Officers.  Clubs should secure their own coverage for their Director’s & Officers. To connect with an Alberta-based insurance broker who understands the coverage already provided by the National/Provincial insurance Program, please reach out to NFP Canada.

Liability Claims

In the unfortunate event of a serious injury or Statement of a claim please submit immediately an incident report and any legal documents obtained to Volleyball Alberta’s Membership Services Coordinator, Julie Noel, to first and if approved your claim will be forwarded to NFP Canada.

Sport Accident Claims

In the unfortunate event of a Sport Accident injury please complete the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” and submit it along with the Physician’s report (if provided) within 30 days after the accident to Volleyball Alberta’s Membership Services Coordinator, Julie Noel, to first and if approved your claim will be forwarded to NFP Canada and K&K Insurance Group Canada:

Step 1:
Submit to Volleyball Alberta 
Julie Noel,
Coordinator, Membership Services
E: T: 780-415-1703 ext 1
Unit #8, 135 Commercial Drive, Calgary AB, T3Z 2A7 

Step 2:
Volleyball Alberta will submit to: NFP Canada.

Step 3:
NFP Canada
Claims Department
E: T: (800) 753-2632
5800 Explorer Drive, Suite 101, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 5K9 

Sport Accident Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions  

Sport Accident coverage applies within Canada only. Coverage extends to accidental bodily injury or death sustained by an Insured due to external, violent, sudden, fortuitous causes beyond the Insured’s control, occurring while the insurance is in force while participating in sanctioned Association events.

**Sport Travel Medical must be purchased for any out of country exposure.**

How long do I have to report a Sport Accident Claim?

You have up to 180 days to report a Sport Accident claim, but you should report as soon as possible by submitting the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” to Julie, VA Office Admin who will then forward to NFP Canada Insurance to have your claim registered and to open your claim file. By opening a claim early, it enables NFP Canada to start their process and have the claim noted to ensure our coverage will respond when/if needed. You do not have to wait for all your receipts before submitting a claim. Once your claim file has been opened, any receipts can be submitted on an ongoing basis up to one year after the accident date.

If I have other insurance do I submit my receipts to that company first?

YES, any provincial health insurance or employee benefits insurance plan would be PRIMARY to the Association’s Sport Accident insurance. Therefore, you should submit your receipts to that plan first, but do complete and send the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” to Julie, VA Office Admin within 180 days to have the claim registered and forwarded to our insurance department – NFP Canada Insurance claims handling department. Question #10 on the form asks if there is any other insurance in force. This will indicate to K & K that the balance of the receipts not paid by the primary insurer will be forwarded once all other insurance is exhausted.

How long can I claim medical expenses for a sport accident injury?

Up to one year from the date of the accident.

Claims Handling Procedures

Instructions for completing the accident insurance form. To the Injured person/parent/guardian:

Complete section 1 and section 2 of the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” Attach current itemized physician, hospital, or other provider’s bills for accident medical expenses as well as the primary carrier’s explanation of benefit showing their payment and denial. These bills must show the patient’s name, condition (diagnosis), type of treatment given, date the expense was incurred, and the charges made. Please note: Claim forms will be returned if not fully completed and signed. The omission of vital information will cause a delay in claim processing.

Team Travel

Parents and/or guardians are not covered under Volleyball Alberta’s insurance policy, including automobile/accident insurance. Coaches or managers are covered – but they are only covered by liability insurance for acts that occur within the scope of their duties as a coach or manager. This does not include coaches or managers acting as drivers for athletes.

In order for all parties to be properly informed, Volleyball Alberta recommends the following:

  • Teams travelling to and from tournaments should consider enlisting the services of a professional transportation company to avoid the possibility of personal liability in the event of an accident.
  • Parents and/or guardians who are transporting other athletes to and from tournaments should check with their auto insurance provider to ensure this transportation is covered under their insurance policy.
  • Parents and/or guardians who are transporting other athletes across an international border (even the Canada-USA border) are required to have a notarized consent letter from the athletes’ parents and/or guardians giving the driver permission to transport the athletes. See the Government of Canada’s information page for more details and a sample consent letter:
  • Volleyball Alberta coaches and managers should not offer to take personal responsibility for driving athletes at any time.
  • Parents and/or guardians who permit another parent and/or guardian to transport their athlete should equip the athlete with:

o Medical contact information including health card
o Emergency phone contacts
o Appropriate amount of food/money/clothing for the trip
o Passport (if required)

  • Parents and/or guardians who permit another parent and/or guardian to transport their athlete should obtain from the driver:

o Proof of a clean driving record
o License plate number and make/model of the vehicle
o Emergency contact information

  • Parents and/or guardians who are transporting other athletes retain personal responsibility for the safety and conduct of those athletes for the duration of the trip – including responsibility for getting the athletes to all games, team events, or practices – or until the athletes’ parents and/or guardians arrive to take personal responsibility for the athlete.

Volleyball Alberta recommends volleyball teams travelling to and from tournaments enlist the services of a professional transportation company to avoid the possibility of personal liability in the event of an accident.

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