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The goal of our provincial team program is to identify athletes who have the potential to develop and reach the next levels in our sport. This would include post-secondary, National Team programs and professional leagues. We aim to help develop an athlete’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills by exposing them to enriched levels of training and competition.

Team AB is also used to identify coaches with potential to coach in a high-performance stream. To mentor, develop and educate coaches in a high-performance environment.

The Team Alberta program provides opportunities for athletes and coaches to build their, competence, character, confidence and leadership and to encourage them to reach the highest levels in our sport. We hope to prepare them for participation and success at events such as Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, and Canada Cup, and also as they move ahead to post-secondary and National levels of competition.

Key Info and Dates for 2024

2024 Identification/Program Pathway

Athlete Application Portal currently under maintenance, will open shortly.

  1. Club Coaches will receive an email when the athlete application portal is opened. Athletes interested in participating in a 2024 Team AB program will be asked to submit an application including video submission through the VA athlete application portal.
  2. Physical testing dates have been organized alongside Premiere #1 events across the province. All athletes within the correct age windows will be welcome to register and participate in Team AB physical testing. Conducted tests include weight, height, seated height, standing reach, wingspan, grip strength, vertical jump (block, spike), Pro-Agility test. Registration for physical testing will open in January 2024. Athletes who participate at the Volleyball Canada NEP Combine will have the option to share those results with Volleyball Alberta, and won’t be required to participate in Team AB testing. VC Combine Info
  3. A selection team consisting of team coaches and mentor coaches will identify athletes and begin evaluations via the Application Portal and at Premier events.
  4. Testing and performance results will be used to extend select athletes an offer to attend the ID Camp.
  5. Athletes will be evaluated at the ID Camp. Athletes not in attendance at the ID Camp may still be considered in the evaluation process.
  6. Team Alberta coaches and mentors will continue to evaluate athletes throughout the Premier Season.
  7. Select Athletes will be invited to attend the Training Centre in the summer.
  8. From the Training Centre, the following teams will be selected, consisting of 12 competition and 2 training athletes each. These teams will continue through competition team training and compete at the 2024 Canada Cup 
    • 15U Girls – 1 Team
    • 15U/16U Boys – 2 Teams
    • 16U Girls – 2 Teams

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Athlete Eligibility:

Athletes from the following two age categories will be considered for the Team Alberta program:

  • Athletes born in September 2008 or later*. Athletes within the 16-month window AND in the same grade level as the program year (Grade 9) will be given the most consideration for eligibility for this program.
  • Athletes born in September 2007 or later*. Athletes within the 16-month window AND in the same grade level as the program year (Grade 10) will be given the most consideration for eligibility for this program.

Key Dates

  • Physical Testing:
    • 15U Girls – February 23 in Calgary and Edmonton
    • 15U Boys – February 2 in Red Deer
    • 16U Girls – February 9 in Calgary and Edmonton
    • 16U Boys – February 23 in Red Deer
  • ID Camp:
    • 15U Girls – March 23/24 in Red Deer
    • 16U Girls – March 23/24 in Red Deer
    • 15U + 16U Boys – April 6/7 in Sylvan Lake
  • Team AB Training Centre:
    • Both Genders – July 7 to 14 in Calgary
  • Competition Team Training
    • Both Genders – July 15 to 23 in Calgary
  • Canada Cup Competition – July 24 to 28 in Calgary

Athlete Application Portal (GMTM)

Athlete Application is now available via GMTM

Physical Profile of a Team Alberta Athlete

The goals of our program cannot necessarily be met by simply examining the most skilled athletes at each level.  Identified athletes need to have the size and athleticism that are essential for success at the higher levels. Volleyball skills can be further refined as athletes get exposure and practice within our sport. 

Our High Performance Committee is constantly researching and evaluating physical testing results from numerous sources to understand the base physical performance levels that athletes should possess for continued success in our sport. Our numbers also reflect those used by Volleyball Canada in the National Excellence Programs.

VA Testing Protocols

Please note: These standards are not the sole factor in athlete identification or selection. Athletes also need to demonstrate potential to be an elite athlete, a willingness to learn, a great attitude, decision making and leadership skills.

16U Female Team Alberta Athlete – Physical Profile (with recommended standards)

Standards updated by the High Performance Committee in October 2019

PositionReach Block Jump Spike Jump Pro-Agility Test (seconds)
Setter218.5 cm (7’2″= 86″)261.5 cm (8’7″= 103″)273 cm (8’11.5″= 107.5″)4.1
Middle231 cm (7’7″= 91″)272 cm (8’11″= 107″) 284.5 cm (9’4″ = 112″)4.1
Outside221 cm (7’3″= 87″)265 cm (8’8.5″= 104.5″)279 cm (9’2″= 110″)4.1
Libero    4.1

16U Male Team Alberta Athlete – Physical Profile (with recommended standards)

Standards updated by the High Performance Committee in October 2019

PositionReach Block Jump Spike Jump Pro-Agility (seconds)
Setter241 cm (7’11” = 95″)300 cm (9’10” = 118″)312 cm (10’3″= 123″)3.5
Middle249 cm (8’2″= 98″)305 cm (10’= 120″)330 cm (10’10″= 130″)3.5
Outside241 cm (7’11” = 95″) 302 cm (9’11” = 119″)327.5 cm (10’9″= 129″)3.5
Libero    3.5

Team Alberta Training Centres

The purpose of the Team Alberta Training Centre is to expose a larger number of athletes to advanced instruction in volleyball specific skills, fitness, mental, and physical preparation. The focus will be on technical and tactical training in all aspects of the game by both Provincial Team Coaches and guest coaches from around the province.  After athletes attend the training centre, teams are selected to compete in Canada Cup.

Financial Assistance Program

Athletes in financial need can apply to Volleyball Alberta for assistance via the Hugh Hoyles Scholarship Fund.

Below is a list of other scholarships, grants, and programs that athletes may apply for:

  • Kid Sport Alberta: KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under.
  • JumpStart: Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.

For more information on the Team Alberta program, please contact Ben Saxton at  or call 780-415-1703 ext. 8

Team Alberta Past Rosters and Results

2023 Team Alberta Competition Teams

2023 Canada Cup – ISET Scedules/Scores/Teams

16U Boys BLACK
28Brayden Smith
18Ethan Berardocco
30Grayson McDonald
19Isaac Larsen
20Isaac Parsons
21Jack Drake
23Josh Cooper
24Kai Miles
29Logan Boucher
26Owen Schmidt
25Rhen Andison
22Sawyer MacKenzie
AlternateBen Mangat
AlternateBrayden Long
coachKen McLaughlin
coachFauve Welsh
16U Boys BLUE
7Acyl Lamana
4Ben Weiss
15Chris Layton
13Gavin Worobec
8Jared Rilling
14Jonathan Talbot-Jones
6Kade Funk
9Kai Boettcher
3Liam Brandsma
10Luke Wright
11Silas Schalk
5Tyson DeZutter
AlternateCruz Chittick
AlternateLiam Ulrich
coachJace Barros
coachBrian Kim

2022 Team Alberta Training Centre

Team Alberta 16U Boys Edmonton Training Centre Athletes: Aiden Lagace, Asher Maciborski, Ben Weiss, Cash O’Greysik, Cole Barlage, Drew Dykstra, Ethan Field, Ethan Vreugdenhil, Gabriel Kozlow, Kai Miles, Kalum Mantel, Leks Symes, Luke Wright, Maddox Packard, Nicholas Billo, Parker Bailey, Seth Aceron, Silas Schalk, Thomas Rankin, Thomas Froberg, Tinotenda Kwatara, Ty Fleming, Will Clark, Wyatt Hall, Xavier Moreau

Team Alberta 16U Boys Calgary Training Centre Athletes: Adrian Einarsson, Andres Filip, Benjamin Kramer, Brandon Burnside, Casey Pennoyer, Cashius Quan Chan, Cole Czepuryk, Cooper Hazelwood, David Villiger, Dion van der Meer, Ethan Kramer, Evan Linder, James Keenan, Jared Rilling, Jaxson Speelman, Jett Hasiuk, Marek Janutka, Mason Doering, matthew debeljak, Maximillian Rymkiewicz, Michael Pershin, Nicholas Hill, Noah Doornbosch, Nolan Watters, Qian Thompson-Simmons, Sawyer Mackenzie, Spencer Ingram, Thomas Uzan

2022 Team Alberta Competition Teams


Result: Canada Cup, Tier 2 Championship 5th

15/16U Team Alberta Boys Black 
15 – Casey Pennoyer
16 – Sawyer McKenzie
17 – Marek Janutka
18 – Brandon Burnside
19 – Andres Filip
20 – James Keegan
21 – Ethan Kramer
22 – Mason Doering
23 – Jett Hasiuk
24 – David Villager
25 – Jared Rilling
26 – Evan Linder
27 – Spencer Ingram
28 – Cole Czepuryk
Head Coach – Peter Peraino
Assistant Coach – Thomas Heinze


Result: Canada Cup, Tier 2 Championship 6th

15/16U Team Alberta Boys Blue 
1 – Wyatt Hall
2 – Ben Weiss
3 – Gabe Kozlow
4 – Drew Dykstra
5 – Parker Bailey
6 – Nick Billo
7 – Kalum Mantel
8 – Cole Barlage
9 – Tino Kwatara
10 – Luke Wright
11 – Leks Symes
12 – Silas Schalk
13 – Kai Miles
14 – Thomas Froberg
Head Coach – Joshua Gaudet
Assistant Coach – Brian Kim

2021 Team Alberta Training Centre

Calgary Training Centre Athletes

Mitchell Aalbers, Thomas Anderson, Brandon Burnside, Tucker Cacic, Cole Czepuryk, Alex Doerksen, Steven Dong, Benjamin Dyck, Grant Hill, Jack Hoebers, Jack Hudson, Ryan John, Caleb Kornelsen, Ethan Kramer, Miles Nodwell, Ben Pannett, Casey Pennoyer, Michael Pershin, Marshall Qually, Kolton Rawlusyk, Enzo Sartor, Enzo Sartor, Ryder Turner, Thomas Uzan, David Villiger. Head coach: Jackson Maris, Assistant Coach: Ryley Barnes

Edmonton Training Centre Athletes

Eddie Anderson, Nicholas Bilo, Dryden Czenczek, Zachary Fernandez, Ethan Field, Kale Fisher, Spencer Foxcroft, William Fraser, Thomas Froberg, Owen Harris, Noah Hartum, Ronan Huth, Grayson Jarrett, Eric Ke, Thomas Kickham, Gabriel Kozlow, Nathan Li, Jeff Madro, Kalum Mantel, Maddox Packard, Justin Pederson, Nathan Poon, Noah Steppan, Nathan Stevens, Leks Symes, Max Symes, Cayd Zadderey. Head coach: Craig Wourms, Assistant coach: Peter Peraino

2019 Team Alberta Training Centre

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the Team Alberta Training Centre.  These athletes will train from July 2-7th before athlete’s will be selected for the competition teams.

Daylan Andison, Nicholas Bazhanov, Jacob Breton, Riley Brunet, Owen Colbourne, Zack Durrant, Marek Edwards, Aaron Elser, Dante Furlan, Reeve Gingera, Logan Greves, Mason Greves, Cole Hemmerling, Adam Hucal, Max Konowalec, Nate Kornelsen, Kendall Kropp, Kyle Licis, Damon Lor, Brett Lower, Emmett Neuls, Luke Nodwell, Evan Ockerman, Max Penner, Renn Petryk, Spencer Purdie, Samuel Rains, Jacob Ritz, Jacob Sargent, Jack Semonis, York Sidorenko, Dominic Soucie, Ben St. Pierre, Nicholas Taub, Conaire Taub, Blake Thiemann, Jesse Umoren, Zachary van Geel, Luke Weddell, Viggo Wozniak.

2019 Team Alberta Competition Teams

Team Alberta Black
#Athlete NamePosition
2Dominic SoucieOutside
3Dante FurlanOutside
4Luke WeddellSetter
5Jacob SargentOutside
6Luke NodwellMiddle
7Marek EdwardsOutside
8Mason GrevesSetter
10Cole HemmerlingOutside
11Max PennerMiddle
12Reeve GingeraOutside
14Aaron ElserMiddle
15Spencer PurdieMiddle
1Owen ColbourneAlternate
9Evan OckermanAlternate
Team Alberta Blue
#Athlete NamePosition
18Damon LorLibero
19Conaire TaubOutside
20Nicholas TaubOutside
21Adam HucalOutside
22Zachary van GeelSetter
24Jacob RitzOutside
25Kendall KroppOutside
27Emmett NeulsOutside
28Jack SemonisOutside
29Riley BrunetMidde
30Jacob BretonMiddle
31Renn PetrykMiddle
17Zack DurrantAlternate
26Dylan AndisonAlternate

2019 Western Canada Summer Games Team

Coaches: Sean McKay, Craig Marshall, Carlyn Stilling
#Athlete NamePosition
3Dante FurlanOutside    
4Luke WeddellSetter
7Marek EdwardsOutside
11Max PennerMiddle
13Viggo WozniakMiddle
14Aaron ElserMiddle
15Spencer PurdieMiddle
19Conaire TaubOutside
20Nicholas TaubOutside
22Zachary van GeelSetter
30Jacob BretonMiddle
32Renn PetrykMiddle
AltSam RainsSetter
AltEmmett NeulsOutside

2018 Team AB Competition Team

Team Alberta Black
#Athlete NamePosition
8Carsten BergeronMiddle
5Connor DescheneOutside
16Kyle ElgersmaOutside
9Quinn HowardAlternate (YT)
4Kendall KroppOutside
2Evan MahSetter
7Mason NatrasSetter
14Joel NickelOutside
13Cody NobleMiddle
11Jakob OlssonMiddle
15Spencer PurdieMiddle
1Seth RempelLibero
10Matthew SargentOutside
12Zachary EvansAlternate
6Jeff SinclairAlternate
Team Alberta Blue
Uniform #Athlete NamePosition
9William BretonOutside
16Christopher BryantMiddle
15Aaron ElserMiddle
5Dante FurlanOutside
14Joshua GagnonOutside
4Jonah KarstenMiddle
10David KindleySetter
7Zachary LobdellOutside
3Colby NemethOutside
1Sean RobertsonSetter
13James VincettMiddle
11Ryan WasylyshynLibero
8Jacob BretonAlternate
2Zachary van GeelAlternate

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