Volleyball Alberta (VA) Refund Policy
We have updated our refund policies to be fully transparent and ease any concerns should there be new COVID-19 related cancellations or other force majeure circumstances (event or circumstance that is specified, unforeseeable, or at least unpredictable, and that is beyond our control).

In the event of a force majeure circumstance cancellation, our priority while processing refunds will be focused on individual program registrations and then team registrations.

The Volleyball Alberta refund policy will be updated as programs/products are announced.

Membership Refund Eligibility

Membership registrations are valid from the date of purchase to August 31st (annual membership type). All memberships are upgradable. All memberships are non-transferable. All memberships are non-refundable.

Membership refund requests will not be granted if VA or our facilities institute, voluntarily or non-voluntarily (imposed restrictions), additional COVID-19 measures after cancellation deadlines or partway through a program.

*Volleyball Alberta (VA) and Volleyball Canada (VC) will consider refunds for duplicate purchases due to a system error.

Programs & Events Refund Eligibility

Please contact the appropriate staff to request cancellations and/or refunds.

If withdrawing BEFORE the cancellation deadline:

A refund of the program fees, less a $35 administration fee, will be refunded if withdrawing before the cancellation date (registration deadline).

If withdrawing AFTER the cancellation deadline:

After the cancellation date, there will be no refunds.

  • Premiers & Provincials Tournaments – $100 fine will be charged for tournament withdrawal after the Registration Deadline

Fixed costs (transaction fees, equipment/cleaning supplies, facility costs, etc.) cannot be refunded. Volleyball Alberta will be forthcoming with all costs and will do our best to delay expenditures as long as possible to limit fixed costs.

Program Specific Policies

Indoor Premier & Provincial Tournaments
  • See our Inclement Weather Guidelines for more refund information in the case of extreme weather, road closures, and/or facility access closures.
Beach Tournaments
GO Sports Programs:
  • If a participant cannot participate for a particular session, no refunds will be offered.
  • If cancelled by Volleyball Alberta and the session cannot be rescheduled for later days, VA will refund participants the variable costs of the program onto the original method of payment*.
Summer Camps
Alberta Winter Games
Alberta Summer Games
Beach Programs & Beach Leagues
Team Alberta Indoor
Team Alberta North
Team Alberta Beach
Coach Workshops
Referee Clinics

Refund Policy FAQ

Q&A 1: How are payments and refunds processed?

All Volleyball Alberta registrations are processed using the Volleyball Registration System powered by Sportlomo (VRS-Sportlomo) with online payment integration.

All payments completed on Sportlomo will be refunded through Sportlomo. The refund amount is refunded to your card – payment method used at checkout.

Once a refund has been approved by Volleyball Alberta, the refund will be initiated. See Q&A 3 for our processing timeframe.

Q&A 2: How do I request a refund?

All refund requests must be emailed to the Program Manager overseeing that program or event.  

All membership registration refund requests must be emailed to the Volleyball Alberta Coordinator of Membership services.

Please contact the appropriate staff to request cancellations and/or refunds. Please include the reason for the cancellation/withdrawal and include (forward) a copy of the registration confirmation email to help us review the request and to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Q&A 3: How long will it take to review and process my refund?

Sportlomo can issue a full or partial refund, onto the original method of payment, up to 180 days after a payment is completed. Accordingly, Volleyball Alberta will only open a clinic, program, camp, league, event or tournament within 180 of the start date.

  1. Customer requested refunds may take up to 2-weeks to review and process.
  2. Programs cancelled due to low registrations may take up to 2-weeks to process.
  3. Force majeure cancelled events may take up to 8-weeks to process.
Q&A 4: Are there transaction fees to process payments and refunds?

Yes, for every transaction the following transaction fee applies.

  • SAAS Fee: $1 per member
  • Service Fee (Sportlomo + Strip Pay): 3.1% + $0.50 per transaction

Sportlomo + Stripe Pay will not charge an additional fee to process refunds; however, fees from the original transaction will not be returned.

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