The Alberta Summer Games began as a government initiative for amateur sport, providing an opportunity for all Albertans to participate.  The first Alberta Summer Games were held in Calgary in 1974; since then the Games have been hosted in different communities throughout the province. The Alberta Summer Games are hosted every two years with the exception of the upcoming Games, which will be held in July 2026 in Strathcona County.

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2023 Alberta Summer Games

Location: Okotoks & Black Diamond
Date: July 20-23 2023
Age Group: 15U & 16U (Athletes born Sept. 1, 2006 – Dec. 31, 2007 or later)

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For the Alberta Games, the province is divided into eight zones. Participants compete at zone playoffs, held prior to the Alberta Summer Games, where they earn the right to compete as a member of the zone team.  Each zone will be allocated one team per gender (2 athletes). 

Athletes are only eligible to tryout for one zone which must be the zone where they reside. 
Zones by Community – Alberta Games  

Please Note:  Athletes who are members of the Team Alberta Indoor Training Centre are not eligible to participate in the Alberta Summer Games due to the conflict between the Canada Cup and the Alberta Summer Games

Alberta Summer Games Teams

Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Zone 1: Roberto Cherivi/Ethan Ong   (Zone 3 Fill Team) 
Coach: Josh Gagnon
Zone 1:Talia Hasiuk/Olivia Hansen  (Zone 2 Fill Team)
Coach: Joanna Korzeniewski
Zone 2: Carter Merchant/Kieran Neale   
Coach: Josh Gagnon
Zone 2: Gracie Moffet/Tevary Robson
Coach: Joanna Korzeniewski
Zone 3:  Perrin Bazant/Jason Guo 
Coach: Josh Gagnon
Zone 3: Sarah Thompson/Heidi Craiggs
Coach: Joanna Korzeniewski
Zone 4:  Ethan Villiger/Raeden Villiger (Zone 8 Fill Team) 
Coach: Karin Rourke
Zone 4: Corey Hannett/Georgia Stevens
Coach: Edyn Aasman   
Zone 5: Braydon Beattie/Riley Chatergoon 
Coach: Aaron Graf
Zone 5: Brooklyn Bruinsma/Kylie Stolk
Coach: Samantha Gagnon 
Zone 6: Makai Yoo/Jaiden Hameed   
Coach: Aaron Graf
Zone 6: Addison Clement/Eunice Yi
Coach: Samantha Gagnon 
Zone 7: Harvee Valente/Gautum Jay     
Coach: Lesley Brown
Zone 7: Emily Kozun/Katie Brown
Coach: Lesley Brown  
Zone 8: Elliot Rourke/Jakob Young 
Coach: Karin Rourke
Zone 8: Rhylo Lambert/Marin Rycroft   
Coach: Karin Rourke  

Latest News Story: June 21, 2023: 2023 Alberta Summer Games Zone Team Announcement

Alberta Summer Games Teams Head Coaches

Zone 1: Women: Joanna Korzeniewsk
Men: Josh Gagnon
Zone 2: Women: Joanna Korzeniewski 
Men: Josh Gagnon
Zone 3: Women: Joanna Korzeniewski 
Men: Josh Gagnon
Zone 4: Women: Edyn Aasman 
Men: Karin Rourke
Zone 5: Women: Samantha Gagnon 
Men: Aaron Graf
Zone 6: Women: Samantha Gagnon 
Men: Aaron Graf
Zone 7: Women: Lesley Brown 
Men: Lesley Brown
Zone 8: Women: Karin Rourke   
Men: Karin Rourke

2023 Coaching Application


All athletes trying outs need to register prior to attending, and athletes must be active members of Volleyball Alberta. 

To successfully register you must first purchase a membership for the participant, create an account on VRS-Sportlomo, and then purchase the event (program/tryout) registration.

The minimum required membership for Alberta Summer Games Selection Camp tryouts is the 2023 Youth Recreational Player – Beach Membership. 

Athletes selected to a team will need to upgrade their membership to the 2023 Youth Competitive Player – Beach. Already paid fees will discount from indoor to beach and from recreational to competitive (upgradable membership type). 

Selection Camp Tryout Fee: $25.00

Selected Athlete Registration Fee: $325/athlete 

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