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Feb 13th, 2024: Volleyball Canada Nationals Availability

We are requesting availability for the 2024 VC National Championships, which will be hosted in Alberta only. 

Availability may be full-time or part-time. Referees are urged to carefully review each question before responding, as the questions are direct for VC and will be forwarded to VC for further action. Even if unsure of availability, referees are encouraged to provide their best estimate to be included in the list. VC will host a mandatory meeting will take place in advance of the event. 

VC prefers referees available for two (2) consecutive or all three (3) tournaments, but VA is currently compiling numbers for any availability. Submission does not guarantee participation. The next contact from VC will be direct to VA referees and will occur after this survey, though the timeline is currently unknown. Referees are advised to check the Referee Hub for any updates from the RRC.
Please respond by February 27, 2024.

Check out the VC website for tournament details – link 

Volleyball Canada Nationals Availability Survey Link – https://forms.office.com/r/x4M9jvjgzj 

Availability Forms

Volleyball Alberta Club WeekendRelease Date:Closing Date:Availability Form
Weekend 5: March 9-10Opened at Feb 23rd at NoonOpenWeekend 5: March 9-10 Availability Form
Weekend 6: March 16-17Opened at Feb 29th at 2pm OpenWeekend 6: March 16-17 Availability Form

Referee Schedules – Volleyball Alberta Tournaments

***Please Note*** 

1. All Schedules are subject to change, and it is recommended to check the schedule the night before the tournament you are assigned for the most updated version.  

2. If some schedules are posted that have matches without a Referee, I will keep searching until I find a Referee to fill the empty voids.

VA Weekend & Date:LocationsAge CategoriesNotesRelease Date:Link to Schedule
Weekend 4: March 2-3Edmonton15UB – 14UG – 12UReading the Rule Matrix is MandatoryFeb 27th at 12:15Weekend 4: March 2-3 Edmonton Schedule
Weekend 4: March 2-3Red Deer17UGReading the Rule Matrix is MandatoryFeb 26th at 3pmWeekend 4: March 2-3 Red Deer Schedule
Weekend 4: March 2-3Calgary14UG-12UReading the Rule Matrix is MandatoryFeb 26th at 3pmWeekend 4: March 2-3 Calgary Schedule

Information Documents – 2024 Club Season

Important Information and Actions:

Roster Checks: Prior to every match, as a Referee you must check the Roster Sheet for the “Volleyball Alberta Approved Roster Stamp”, and that the number of coaches/players on the bench are equivalent to the Roster Sheet. This is to ensure the safety of our Youth Athletes and avoid uncertified coaches. Please sign beside the rosters on the scoresheet to confirm the check has been completed. This is not a task to be differed to volunteers or scorekeepers.

**NEW FOR 2024** 15U – 18U events: a maximum of 15 players can be on the score sheet, in
uniform, participate in the warm – up, sit on the bench, and participate in any
given match. 15U teams must still align with the Volleyball Alberta developmental
substitution rule.

Pay Information – Match Rates and Travel Costs

1. The Rate Sheet is for all club events in Alberta assigned through your Zone Assignor or VA Tournaments (All Rate Sheets are on the Referee Hub) 2023/24 Rate Sheet for Club Events

2. Pay Tracker (To be added soon)

3. Are Hotels, Meals or Parking covered when I travel to Referee at a VA Tournament? 

Our Courtside Logistics Coordinator (Robyn) will book Hotels for all travelling Referees and pass on that information. You cannot purchase your own hotel room and ask to be reimbursed; VA must book it for you. 

Meal allowance is given, $20 per meal when you are staying in a hotel. If the hotel provides breakfast, will not be paid meal allowance for breakfast. Most hotels we book, do have Free Breakfast. 

If you are driving to any event, Meal allowance is not given as you have the opportunity to eat before leaving, and arriving at home, while having the option to pack a lunch.

Parking is only covered at locations that free parking is not available, some examples are MacEwan University and Mount Royal University. Please note, park in an area with daily rates rather than hourly spots if that is an option (ex. UofA Main Campus), as the max that will be reimbursed is the daily rate at that location. To be reimbursed, simply email courtside@volleyballalberta.ca with a picture of the receipt and it will be cover, valet parking at any location will not be covered. ***Paid Parking at the Saville will not be reimbursed*** 

4. When am I eligible to be paid mileage and how much? 

Mileage is only paid when you are refereeing a tournament that is in another city/town than where you reside (Based on your Sportlomo registration details). Below will be examples; please read carefully as there are some scenarios which don’t exactly follow the rule above. The driver is paid $.55/km from the City/Town they reside in, to the city/town they are travelling to and back home. The passenger does not get mileage. 

For Example: A Referee from Lethbridge is driving to Rally Pointe in Calgary for a tournament, it would be calculated as Lethbridge to Calgary, Calgary to Lethbridge, total of (215km+212km) = 427km = $234.85 paid in Mileage ($0.55/Km). 

Location of TournamentMileage is not awarded if you reside in these Cities/Towns
EdmontonEdmonton, St Albert and Sherwood Park
Spruce GroveSpruce Grove and a 15km Radius Around
LeducLeduc and a 15km Radius Around
Sherwood ParkSherwood Park, Edmonton and St Albert
OkotoksOkotoks and a 15km Radius Around
AirdrieAirdrie and a 15km Radius Around
Red DeerRed Deer and a 30km Radius Around
Grande PrairieGrande Prairie and a 30km Radius Around
StrathmoreStrathmore and a 15km Radius Around

Frequently Asked Questions

Missed our 2024 Club Information Session? Find it here: https://youtu.be/4Zsm4iWLvCo

1. How do I get Assigned matches at VA Club Tournaments? 

At the top of this page, please find the “Availability Forms” Header, below it will have a link to fill out a form! 

2. Am I guaranteed to get matches for the weekends I state I am available? How do I find out if I am Reffing a tournament? 

No one is guaranteed any matches, tournaments are assigned based on many factors which may include, Badge Level, Location of Tournament, Age Class, Division, Availability, Schedule Template, Supervisor/Zone Lead recommendations and many more items.  

You will be emailed stating you are on a schedule which will be posted above under the “Referee Schedules – Volleyball Alberta Tournaments”. There are many tournaments every weekend, so please ensure you are checking each tab within the Excel document. 

3. When will I get Paid?

Please check the Referee Hub under “2023/24 Pay Schedule”.

VA Referee Mentors at VA Tournaments

What is the role of a VA Referee Mentor? 

For the VA Club season, a referee mentor will play a crucial role through Event-Based Mentoring, assigned to specific events rather than individual referees. This approach ensures a broad impact and varied experiences. As an experienced and certified referee within VA, mentors will guide and support fellow referees in their professional development. 

Definition: Event-Based Mentoring: Mentors are assigned to specific events rather than individual referees, ensuring a broad impact and varied experiences.
A volleyball referee mentor is an experienced and certified referee within VA who is committed to guiding and supporting fellow referees in their professional development.

Goals of a VA Referee Mentor for the upcoming season: 

  • Short and Continuous Feedback: Provide succinct and actionable insights during and after events to facilitate immediate learning and improvement, contributing to the overall quality of refereeing within VA. 
  • Prepare Referees: Play a key role in preparing referees for future promotions, if applicable. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Contribute to improving the quality of referring within VA, aligning with our commitment to excellence in the sport. 
  • Leading with Accountability: Emphasize the importance of guiding and supporting fellow referees with accountability. 

If a referee doesn’t show, or leaves due to sickness/injury, it is expected the Mentor step in to Referee or rearrange the schedule accordingly. The goal is to have 2 Mentors per tournament, but sometimes that cannot happen due to the numbers of Referees that signed up that weekend. The Referee Mentor will provide insight/mentorship to referees in a respectable, positive and constructive manner with the Referee being mentored responding in the same manner. Please use this individual’s knowledge, expertise and love for the game to better yourself!

Referee Uniform, Referee Badge Information and Support

Volleyball Alberta has seen the need for a cheaper option for the Referee Uniform due to shipping times, availability of all sizes, and the cost entry to become a certified Volleyball Referee. Below will be links to not only the Volleyball Canada Store, the only location to buy the up-to-date Referee Shirt and Pants, but also a secondary option that Referees within Alberta can purchase to start Refereeing quicker. This is only an option for your first year as a Volleyball Alberta Referee, to give you the time to make the money to purchase the proper Referee attire. This secondary uniform CANNOT be used for any ACAC, Canada West, USPORT or Volleyball Canada Tournaments/Matches.

Volleyball Canada Referee Store

Russell Athletic Essential Short Sleeve Tee (Navy Only!!)

Russell Athletic Men’s Cotton Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Navy Only!!)

If you choose to purchase the Russell Athletic Tee’s to start your Refereeing journey, Navy is the only color that will be considered the Secondary Uniform (as well as wearing your badge). Pants wise, only Black or Navy fitted pants will be acceptable without logos or branding.

Badge Information: If you currently do not have a badge, please email your Zone Lead to let them know. They will forward the information to the correct person so a badge can be sent in the mail.

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