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Volleyball Alberta Premiers & Provincials

Welcome to our club season page! 

May-September is when Volleyball Alberta does a lot of its planning for the next indoor season, works on the season planner and posts information and new links on this page as they are ready to be released.  

New links will be added as documents, forms, lists, registrations, schedules, resources and other event information are ready to be released for the  2023/24 season, and will replace last season's documents.  

Please read through the posted documents, use the forms and view the lists and uploads to keep up to date. Save-the-dates according to our posted schedules, register online and familiarize yourself with the other events and resources linked on this page that may be of interest to you, your club, teams and parents.  

2024 Indoor Club Season Planning 

Latest News Story: May 29, 2023: Conversations for Re-Signing - 2023/2024 Signing & Tryout

Latest News Story: May 19, 2023: 2023-2024 Indoor Signing & Tryout Process – Updated Information

Latest News Story: May 9, 2023: 2023-2024 Signing and Tryout Process

Letter of Intent (LOI), 2023-2024 Early Signing Letter of Intent Form - To be posted Wednesday, June 14

Letter of Intent (LOI), 2023-2024 Re-Signing Letter of Intent Form

Letter of Intent (LOI) Registry, 2023-24 Letter of Intent Registry 16U-18U - May 26, 2023

Letter of Intent (LOI), 2023-2024 Rationale & FAQ Document

Letter of Intent (LOI), Request for Release Form - Athletes

Letter of Intent (LOI), Request for Release Form - Clubs

if you have questions regarding LOI's please contact Jim Plakas 


2023 Competition Regulations & Season Planning

New For 2023 

Document: 2023 Competition Regulations - 12U-14U December 1, 2022

Document: 2023 Competition Regulations - 15U-18U December 15, 2022

Document: 2023 Sanctions/Fines/Late Fees - February 8, 2023

Document: Protest Procedure (revised March 14, 2022)

DocumentRulebook Volleyball Canada 2022-2023 Official Volleyball Rules  

2023 Volleyball Alberta Tournament Schedule - Feb 8

Official Gameball 

Uniform GuidelinesUniform Approval Request Form

2023 Signing Process & Tryout Information

Document: Signing Process - Letter of Intent (LOI) Rationale + FAQ Document (2022-2023)

Form: Letter of Intent Submission Form

List: Letter of Intent Registry - September 1, 2022 

Tryout Dates (2022-2023 season)

Age Categories (2022-23) - Volleyball Canada 

Age Categories - Volleyball Alberta

18U Overage Athlete Exemption Form 

Extended Roster Request Form

Playing Up Age Categories

Conduct for Scouting & Recruiting 

Other Information

Awards & Nominations 
Concussion Information Documents

  • Pre-Season Concussion Education Sheet 

  • Concussion Protocol

  • Concussion Pathway

  • Medical Assessment Letter    Medical Clearance Letter 

Competition Structures

16 Team Power Pool Draw Example

16 Team Serpentine Draw Example

12 Team Power Pool Draw Example

12U/13U Tripleball Document 

Tripleball Video (YouTube)

COVID-19 Best Practices
Policies & Conduct

Participant Conduct

Policies Page

Noise Makers

Travel & Accommodation

Accommodation (host hotels)

Inclement Weather Guidelines

Tournament & Travel Information

Travel (car rental program with Enterprise & National)

Zonal Map with North/South line

Zones by Community - Alberta Games  

Sponsors and Supporters of Volleyball Alberta

Elite Promotional Marketing