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COVID-19 Resources

Volleyball Alberta -  Return to Volleyball Guidelines - Version 4, Updated December 8

Volleyball Alberta - Return to Volleyball Club Presidents Powerpoint & Zoom Meeting Presentation - June 18

Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Sport Institute Network - Return to Health & Performance following COVID-19 Infection (NEW)

Alberta COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub - Website

Government of Canada - Coming back from COVID-19: Matt Greenshield's Story (club coach and former Foothills Volleyball Club player)

Volleyball Alberta - Communicable Disease Competition Guidelines - August 2021

Step 1 restrictions & best practices for training – Feb 12 story

Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation, Path Forward - Step 1 (February 18)

Signing and tryout process postponed – Feb 10 story

Volleyball Alberta - Practice Guidelines for a Safe Return to Volleyball (Video) (January 12)

Alberta Schools' Athletic Association (ASAA) - Safe Return to High School Athletics (Aug 13), Part 2 (Oct 8)

Volleyball Canada -  Return to Volleyball (Updated June), One Page Summary

Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Sport Institute Network - COVID-19 Return to High Peformance Sport Framework (NEW)


Volleyball Alberta - Daily Screening - Updated September 30

Government of Alberta - Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation, Path Forward - Step 1 

Government of Alberta - Alberta Health Daily Checklist (for children under 18; and adults 18 and older) 

Government of Alberta - Public Health Measures 

Government of Alberta - New Tools Support Close Contact Notification - (November 12)

Government of Alberta - Prevention Starts with Awareness

Volleyball Alberta - Participation WaiverRemote Training & Facility Use Waiver

Alberta Club Risk Assessment & Mitigation Tool - Excel File

NSO Sharing Centre - Fasken Limiting Liability Resource CentreNSO Limiting Liability Powerpoint & Webinar

Volleyball Alberta - COVID Safety & Mask Wearing Zoom Meeting, Recording and Additional Resources (Nov 19)

Volleyball Alberta Mandatory Mask Use Policy

Government of Alberta - How to Use a Mask

Protective Masks Found Safe for Moderate and Heavy Exercise (March 11, 2021)

CDC Scientific Brief: Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 (Updated May 7)

Does Wearing a Face Mask Affect Ability to Perform Exercise (Phil Chilibeck, Ph.D.) - Video (December 10)

“You can leave your mask on”: effects on cardiopulmonary parameters of different airway protection masks at rest and during maximal exercise - Study (March 10, 2021)

American Academy of Pediatrics: Wear Face Coverings During most Sports - Article (December 14)

Youth Sports: Tips to Protect Players from COVID-19 (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) - Video (December 12)

Government of Canada - Hand Washing Video

German Volleyball Federation - Coronavirus Beach Volleyball Video


2021-03-05 Signing and Tryout Process Announcement

2021-02-12 Step 1 & 2 Restrictions & Best Practices for Training

2021-02-10 Signing and Tryout Process Postponed - Feb. 10, 2021

2021-02-06 Step 1 Updates - February 6

2021-02-04 Step 1 – A Path Forward for Volleyball

2020-12-08 December 8 Province of Alberta COVID-19 Announcement

2020-12-03 Mandatory Mask Use Policy

2020-11-26 Nov 24 Province of Alberta COVID-19 Announcement

2020-11-13 COVID Safety Considerations, Best Practices & Mask Wearing

2020-11-12 Mandated Two Week Suspension on Team Sports

2020-06-30 Load Management Considerations For Return To Volleyball

2020-06-11 Phase 2 Re-launch - As of June 11, 2020

2020-05-14 Communique regarding Covid-19: Return to Participation

Rally Together, Apart - Resources for the Volleyball Community

2020-04-20 Communique regarding COVID-19: Cancelled events