Signing and Tryout Process Postponed – Feb. 10, 2021

Posted: February 10, 2021

After the recent adjustments to Step 1 of the Government of Alberta’s “The Path Forward”,  Volleyball Alberta surveyed club presidents to seek feedback on signing and tryout dates. Volleyball Alberta remains positive there will be a competitive season and anticipates an April start time for our Premier Leagues.

The feedback received from the survey indicated concerns with hosting tryouts under the current restrictions and with limited access to facilities. After reviewing the feedback, Volleyball Alberta has made the decision to postpone the signing and tryout process until we have the final details and a timeframe for Step 2 of the Government of Alberta’s “The Path Forward”.

Step 1 of the Government of Alberta’s “The Path Forward” allows the opportunity for specific volleyball activity to occur. Children & youth are allowed to participate in limited team sport activities, subject to mandatory restrictions as outlined by the Government of Alberta.

  • Lessons, practices and physical conditioning activities are allowed for indoor and outdoor minor sports/activities and school athletics (for example, school sport activities that are outside of a physical education class or related part of the school curriculum)
  • Games are not allowed.
  • Maximum of 10 total individuals, including all coaches, trainers, and participants.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained between participants at all times: 3-metres physical distance for indoor activities
  • Coaches or trainers may enter physical distancing space for brief interactions with participants (for example, to correct form or technique). 
  • Access to change rooms must be limited, including accelerated arrival and departure, emergencies (for example, first aid) and washroom use.

It is important to note that Volleyball Alberta has a Masking Policy that requires masks for all VA Participants, at all times, while they are indoors, including but not limited to arrival, training, game play, and departure.

Athletes should gradually build their physical conditioning as they return to the court. Volleyball Alberta encourages clubs to offer the following opportunities within the mandatory restrictions:

•Small group team training (early signed athletes split into small groups)

•Short-term training programs

*Clubs are not able to sign athletes until a tryout period has been announced.

As circumstances may change within a short period, including the loosening or enhancement of restrictions, short term programs and commitments are prudent and may assist with athlete’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Facilitating a short-term training program provides interim training and preparation prior to the next step being announced.

Clubs should consider setting fees in 3-4 week increments for their programs and training; per the minimum timeframe outlined by the Government of Alberta’s transition between steps of their plan. Training opportunities and programming may be extended as they continue to adhere to the mandatory restrictions. 

While we are cautiously optimistic that our competitive season can resume in April, the priority is the well-being of athletes and coaches; Step 1 moves us in a positive direction.

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