Sportlomo is Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

August 18, 2023 (9:00 am): Our most recent test registrations and payments have completed successfully so we are happy to say we reopened registration for the 2023-2024 season!

The cause of the issue was found, and a change in the completion of the SDF (screening disclosure form for Leader categories) has been made, and the error should no longer appear. We have noticed that after clicking buttons to [continue, register, next, complete, pay …] processing times range from 2-30 seconds. Please only click the button once and look to see if it is processing on your browser tab and page and wait for the system to process your click and information.

Leaders, after answering all SDF questions, this message will appear “We are currently processing your registration. A button to proceed will appear below once this is complete.” Once you see the [COMPLETE] button, it is safe to click it; the payment page should then load. See screenshot

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations that were submitted before the closure remain in the system. You don’t need to redo/resubmit your registrations. Those that were impacted by a double charge will be refunded, and the 1 correct charge will remain.

Any questions/issues with registration, please contact our office 780-415-1703 ext 1. 

Please follow the Registration Guides linked lower on this page.

We thank you once again for your patience and understanding. 

*** *** ***

August 16, 2023 (2:30 pm): Due to registration system errors that our members are currently experiencing with 2023-2024 registrations, we have made the unfortunate decision to pause the registration process.  We are in contact with Sportlomo at the highest level and have been told they will work on correcting the errors as soon as possible.

For our members who have been impacted by errors to date, please be assured we are addressing duplicate charges, pending payments, and club approval applications.  We can view each of these errors, see who has been impacted, and are working with Sportlomo on the process to correct them.  If you do not see the necessary correction within two weeks, please reach out to our Coordinator, Membership Services via . 

We sincerely apologize.  We expect better and will take steps to ensure improvement moving forward.  Sportlomo has communicated that their expected timeframe to reopen membership registration & club approval applications is tomorrow (August 17).

Please go to > Registration > How To Register page for all your registration needs and updates on this matter. 

We thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

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