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Volleyball Alberta Policies & Procedures

If you have any questions or concerns about the below policies and procedures, please contact us at 

  1. Code of Conduct and Ethics (to be approved at the December, 2018 SAGM)

  2. Discipline and Complaints 

  3. Grievances and Appeals 

  4. Transgender Inclusion Policy 

  5. Privacy Policy

  6. Refund & Cancellation Policy

  7. Scouting and Recruiting Policy

  8. Screening Policy (Approved at Dec 2017 AGM) : 

  9. Concussion Policy & Protocol 

  10. Social Media Guidelines for Athletes, Coaches and Club


Questions related to Volleyball Alberta's Policies may be directed to:

Terry Gagnon|Executive Director
Volleyball Alberta South Office
Bay #6, 135 Commercial Drive
Rocky View County, AB. T3Z 2A7
T  587.273.1513