2024 Sportsmanship Award Winners

Volleyball Alberta is excited to announce our 2024 Sportsmanship Award recipients.
During VA’s Provincials weekends, we encouraged all to submit nominations for a referee, athlete, coach, team staff, or fan from another team if they were noticed creating a positive environment, being respectful, acting with honesty, being kind to others, competing with integrity, or other acts of sportsmanship. Volleyball Alberta randomly drew one winner from the nominees for each weekend. In the first season holding this award, we received many heart-warming nominations and our proud to hear of the exceptional conduct displayed by our athletes, coaches, parents, and referees.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

The three winners were Aubrie from Ace Cochrane 12U team, Dale from SAS 13U team and Chloe from SAS Green 15U team.
Aubrie was noticed making a purposeful effort to positively engage with other teams.
Dale was nominated for creating a positive environment and being kind to others when he shared his video stream with the families of the opposing team who were unable to atend the tournament.
Chloe was noticed going above expectations to check in with an injured opponent.

Sportsmanship award recipients received a prize package which included a personal lunch bag from Under Armor and a Kailani water bottle.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to creating a positive environment during our Premiers & Provincials!

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