Expanded Restrictions for High Case Regions – May 5

Updated: May 10

Alberta has entered a critical stage of the pandemic, the arrival of highly transmissible variants have put pressure on our health care system. Public health measures are required to protect the health care system and reduce the rising spread of COVID-19 provincewide. 

Starting May 5, additional restrictions come into effect for regions with at least 50 cases per 100,000 people, and at least 30 active cases. See list of active cases by region

These restrictions remain in place for at least 3 weeks, even if a community moves below the threshold, and will be extended if necessary.

Provincewide restrictions remain in effect for all communities, including those with lower active cases.  Learn more about all the mandatory restrictions that are in effect.

Mandatory – Effective May 5
Provincewide Restriction

Indoor Activities

  • Indoor fitness – all facilities must close, including for 1-on-1 training.
  • Indoor sport, and recreation activities are not permitted, including:
    –  Team sports
    –  Group practices or training
    –  Games, competitions or league play of any kind

Mandatory – Effective May 9 at 11:59 pm
Permitted outdoor activities depend on active cases in your area.

High Case Area Restrictions

Outdoor Activities

  • All outdoor fitness, recreation and performance activities are prohibited, except with members of your household, or your two close contacts if you live alone. This includes:
    –  Group physical activities, such as team sports, fitness classes and training sessions
    –  Group practices and games
    –  One-on-one training sessions
  • Outdoor recreation facilities can remain open unless specifically closed by public health order.

Lower Case Area Restrictions

  • Prohibited outdoor activities:
    –  All team sport games and competitions where 2-metre distancing cannot be maintained at all times (basketball, soccer, football, slo-pitch, etc.)
  • Permitted outdoor activities, with participant limits and mandatory 2 metre distancing at all times:
    • Individual fitness, recreation and performance activities (running, cycling, dirt biking, golfing, etc.)
    • Group activities for 10 or fewer people:
      –  Team sport training
      –  Physical activities (walking, running, etc.)
      –  Fitness training and outdoor classes
      –  1-on-1 fitness training with a trainer or coach
  • Spectators are permitted to attend outdoor:
    –  Physical activities or performances – 10 specators max, 2 metres of distancing
    –  Drive-in performances – no spectator limit, vehicles stay 2 metres apart, attendees must remain in vehicle except to use the washroom
  •  Outdoor recreation facilities:
    –  Outdoor pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts, croquet pitches, running tracks, bicycle tracks and velodromes can remain open to the public unless specifically closed by public health order
    –  More than 10 people may use an outdoor facility at the same time as long as physical distancing is maintained between households

Professional Sport Organizations

  • Professional sport organizations that have received an exemption can continue, provided protocols are strictly followed.

The volleyball community must continue to work together and protect each other. Our commitment to following guidelines now will hopefully bring a quicker return to sport, so we can enjoy a healthy, fun and safe summer season.

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