Club Volleyball Wellness Period & Signing Process Update for June 1

Important notice for all club administrators, coaches, players, and families. The Volleyball Alberta indoor season of play ends on May 31, 2021.  The start of the Athlete Wellness period begins June 1, 2021.  During this period of time athletes are encouraged to focus on their physical fitness, conditioning, mental and social well-being.  June 1 also marks the start of our beach season, and participation in beach and grass volleyball is recommended.

Please note that during the Athlete Wellness Period (Month of June), no formal offers can be made for the upcoming indoor club season during this time.  Information can be searched on club websites about coaches and club offerings for the 2021-22 season. 

Volleyball Alberta is finalizing the signing and tryout process and will be confirmed in June.  The process is likely to include a first step of a re-signing process where clubs can make formal offers to athletes registered with them in previous 2020-21 season and a tryout period to follow.  The exact dates and specific details will be published on our website once the full process is determined.

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