Join us in congratulating Shawn Shepherd for his well-deserved recognition

Celebrating Excellence: Shawn Shepherd Wins Volleyball Canada’s 2023 Dennis Pomeroy Leadership Award

We are thrilled to announce that Shawn Shepherd, a dedicated member of Volleyball Alberta, has been awarded the prestigious Dennis Pomeroy Leadership Award by the Volleyball Canada Referees’ Association. This award honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in developing volleyball referees at all levels.

Shawn Shepherd: A True Leader in Referee Development

Shawn’s remarkable journey in the world of volleyball officiating began in 2008 when he obtained his Level 1 indoor certification. Since then, he has consistently shown exceptional commitment and passion for the sport, earning certifications at various levels in both indoor and beach volleyball.

His nomination for the Dennis Pomeroy Leadership Award highlights his unwavering dedication and significant contributions to referee development. Shawn’s impact is felt not only at the local and provincial levels but also on the national stage.

Contributions at Every Level

At the local/community level, Shawn goes above and beyond by not only recruiting and training new referees but also providing ongoing mentorship and advocating for fair treatment and inclusion. His leadership as the Beach Volleyball Chair and Zone Referee Lead for Edmonton and area has been instrumental in developing referee training programs at the provincial level.

Shawn’s influence extends to the national level, where he actively participates in the creation and refresh of referee development programs. His administrative support for the VC Beach Chair at national and international events hosted in Canada showcases his commitment to the growth and professionalism of referees on a broader scale.

A True Advocate for Inclusion and Equity

Shawn’s impact on referee development goes beyond certifications and programs. He consistently promotes inclusion, fairness, and equity in sports. Whether it’s providing assistance with administrative duties, assigning mentors, or simply offering a friendly laugh, Shawn’s presence is felt and appreciated by all.

Regional Referee Chair – Katyryna Gaudet highlights that “Shawn is the embodiment of empathy, selflessness, and giving back.” His ability to challenge the status quo, put people and the sport first, and work tirelessly behind the scenes has left an indelible mark on the volleyball community in Alberta and beyond.

Join us in congratulating Shawn Shepherd for his well-deserved recognition with the Dennis Pomeroy Leadership Award. His passion, leadership, and commitment to the development of volleyball referees make him a true inspiration and an invaluable asset to the volleyball community.

Thank you, Shawn, for your outstanding contributions, and we look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact you will undoubtedly bring to the sport in the years to come.

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