New Advanced Development Coach Workshop – January 2024

Volleyball Alberta is pleased to be offering NEW, ONLINE BLENDED Delivery Advanced Development Coach Workshop in January 2024.  

The Advanced Development Coach Workshop will consist of 6 Online sessions: Introduction and Outline, three 1.0 hour Office Hours, and three 2.5 hour Modules, plus an IN PERSON Drill Demonstration & Seminar Day.  Please review the schedules carefully to ensure that the course you select fits your schedule. 

Coaches must attend all of the mandatory live facilitated sessions, office hour sessions, In Person Practice Day, and participate in all the activities.  Coaches will NOT receive credit for the workshop if they do not attend any mandatory session.

For more information on the upcoming Volleyball Alberta Development Coach Workshop, please go to the Upcoming Courses & Workshops page.

DATE: January 07 – February 28, 2024 (CL0124)
DELIVERY: Online Blended Model (Online Live Facilitated Modules, Online Live Office Hours, In Person Practice Day)
COST: $250
PREREQUISITE: Foundations of Volleyball eLearning Module, 
REGISTRATION: December 20, 2023 @ 11:00am (Updated)  Volleyball Canada Coaching Centre (register early, numbers are capped at 8 coaches to facilitate the workshop effectively)
DEADLINE: January 04, 2023
Coaches will be required to watch recorded videos lectures and complete the assignment prior to each live facilitated module.  Coaches MUST attend all live facilitated sessions and participate in the activities.  Coaches will NOT receive credit for the workshop if they do not attend a Mandatory Session.

Workshop Schedule

IntroductionMandatoryOnlineSunday, January 077:30-8:30pm (MST)
Office Hour 1OptionalOnlineThursday, January 117:30-8:30pm (MST)
Module 1MandatoryOnlineSunday, January 147:30-10:00pm (MST)
Office Hour 2MandatoryOnlineThursday, January 187:30-8:30pm (MST)
Module 2MandatoryOnlineSunday, January 217:30-10:00pm (MST)
Office Hour 3OptionalOnlineThursday, January 257:30-8:30pm (MST)
Module 3MandatoryOnlineSunday, January 287:30-10:00pm (MST)
In Person Drill Demonstration & Seminar DayMandatoryTBDTentative (TBD)
Sunday, February 4 or Sunday, February 11
8:30am-5:00pm (MST)

Additional Information: Coaches will be contacted to verify current coaching contexts, location, willingness to host the LIVE In Person Drill Demonstration & Seminar Day (gym & team).

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