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Fees & Benefits

Fees & Benefits

Volleyball Alberta requires Players, Coaches, Officials, and Club Staff to become members prior to registering for any of our programs and events.

Our Membership Fees & Benefits are assessed on an annual basis. All players, coaches, managers, officials and club staff must have a valid email address in order to complete the registration process.

For Nationals registration, please go to the Volleyball Canada website.

Volleyball Alberta registrations are all done online on the Volleyball Registration System (VRS) - Powered by SportLoMo since 2021-2022. Please read the How to Register pages prior to attempting to register.

Membership Benefits 

Volleyball Alberta takes pride in our responsibility to promote and develop volleyball at all levels throughout Alberta.  Volleyball Alberta services the needs of its membership which consists of athletes, coaches, officials, and anyone interested in the sport of volleyball in the province. This refers to needs both on and off of the court.  

In line with our Strategic Plan, the benefits of membership with Volleyball Alberta include:

Indoor Athlete Development

  • Grassroots programming including: Go Sports, Play Sports Alberta, House Leagues, Atomic & Early Stages Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Indoor Premier Tournament and Premier League Planning 
  • Signing Policy
  • Competition Regulations & Structure 
  • Alberta Winter Games & Arctic Games programs
  • Hosting of National Championships in Alberta - to keep reduce participation costs for our members 
  • Long Term Development models 

Leadership Development


  • Safe Sport Policies: appropriate training, screening, monitoring and approval of coaches
  • National Coaching Certification Program: progressive tracking and on-going professional development 
  • Symposiums 


  • Safe Sport Policies: appropriate training, screening, monitoring and approval of referees
  • Referee training & certifcation 
  • Referee development funding
  • Activites Management system for assignment of referees 
  • Zone leadership teams 

Governance & Services

  • Sport Advocacy
  • Regular review & evaluation of policy
  • Club Director Screening & Approval.  
  • Safety Planning: Pandemic responses, education sessions, consultation with experts
  • Legal Guidance: Waivers & Liability concerns
  • Accident & Liability insurace for all registered clubs, teams, and individuals 
  • Website & Registration System
  • Volleyball Equipment and clothing sales
  • Awards recognition, incuding Hall of Fame
  • Preservation of records, resources to track the history of our sport   

High Performance 

  • High Performance Athlete/Coach Identification
  • Curriculum development 
  • High Performance Competitions (Canada Cup, Canada Summer Games)
  • Sport Science support, access to training technologies, and research integration
  • National Excellence Program support 

Business Development 

  • Partnerships with Edmonton Volleyball Centre Society
  • Assist with facility development in Alberta
  • Investment in new projects/infrastructure
  • Risk Managament Strategy
  • Pursue Grant & Sponsorship Opportunities 

Beach Athlete Development

  • Summer Camps & Leagues
  • Alberta Summer Games
  • Team Alberta program

Membership Fees

Membership fees include a Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada component. Memberships are valid from September 1 until August 31 of each year.

Membership Categories

Different membership categories are required based on the type of program.  Our most frequently asked questions about the type of membership required are below:

  1. What type of membership do I need to tryout for a Club team? 
    A Youth Development Player - Tryout membership is required for individuals during the tryout period for a program/team.

  2. Is a Recreational or Competitive Membership required?
    A team/program that focuses on training and will only TRAIN or compete against teams within their club/program (Intraclub Recreation Programs/Teams) requires participants to have a recreational membership. Recreational Members are ONLY covered by VA Insurance while participating in training and competition activities within their own club (Intraclub activities only).

    A team/program that will involve training or competing against teams/programs outside their own club (Interclub Competitive Programs/Teams) requires participants to have a competitive membership. Competitive Members are covered under VA insurance while participating in:
    a) Training and competition activities within their own club,
    b) Sanctioned or approved events outside their club (Interclub activities),
    c) Provincial and National events

Tournament Fees

Volleyball Alberta Indoor Tournament Entry Fee:

2023, the Volleyball Alberta Indoor Tournament Entry Fee for TWO-DAY VA Premiers and Provincials are $839.48/entry
(fee breakdown: entry fee $775.00 + gst $38.75 + service fee $25.73) plus applicable membership requirements.

2023, the Volleyball Alberta Indoor Tournament Entry Fee for ONE-DAY VA Premiers (applicable to 12U only) are $568.84/entry
(fee breakdown: entry fee $525.00 + gst $26.25 + service fee $17.58) plus applicable membership requirements. (NEW posted November 17, 2022)

For more information on Volleyball Alberta's club season, go to:

INDOOR > Club > General Info (2022)

Volleyball Alberta Beach Tournament Entry Fee

For more information on VA's beach tournaments, go to:

BEACH > Youth > Tournaments 

Volleyball Alberta GO Sports Programs 

For more information on VA's Edmonton GO Sports programs, go to:

INDOOR > Community > 6-8 years > Go Sports - Mini-Volley Programs

INDOOR > Community > 9-12 years > Go Sports - Atomic Programs

INDOOR > Community > 12-18 years > Go Sports - GO Leagues Programs

Volleyball Alberta Summer Camps

For more information on VA's Summer Camps, go to: 

INDOOR > Community > 6-12 years > Play Sports Alberta (multi-sport summer camp)

INDOOR > Community > 12-18 years > Volleyball Alberta Summer Camps 

Volleyball Alberta Coach Courses and Workshops

For more information on VA's coaches courses and workshops, go to:

LEADERSHIP > Coaches > Upcoming Courses and Workshops 

Volleyball Alberta Referee Courses and Workshops

For more information on VA's referee courses and workshops, go to: 

LEADERSHIP > Referees > Upcoming Courses and Workshops 

Volleyball Alberta High-Performance Programs

For more information on VA's high-performance programs, go to: 

INDOOR > Team Alberta > Information & Results 

BEACH > Youth > Team Alberta 


Alberta Winter Games

Alberta Summer Games

Arctic Winter Games

Volleyball Alberta Refund Policy

2023 Refund Policy 

The Volleyball Alberta refund policy will be updated as programs/products are added for the 2021-2022 season.

Principles of Membership

Registered Participant Policy

In the past, Volleyball Canada's (VC's) relationship with its members was indirect.  VC's Provincial/Territorial Associations (P/TA's) gathered data on members and paid an assessment fee to VC based on the population of the province and the number of competitive and recreational members it recorded.

The data was maintained by the P/TA and members in most cases were not even aware that they were members of the National Association.  In addition, membership growth was difficult to track and it appeared that VC lagged behind all other team sports in number of registered members.

Consequently, Volleyball Canada (including P/TA's) identified the need to review and revise its membership structure, with the recognition that membership is the fundamental platform for the development of volleyball.

The strategy to develop membership is based on the following key principles:

1.  Membership growth is the result of retaining existing members and attracting new members.

2.  Growth requires investment in strategies to develop new members and customers.

3.  Tracking memberships - who stays, who joins, demographics of membership, patterns of growth, etc. - is essential to evaluating growth and the success of growth strategies.

4.  Everyone - VC, Association Members and Local Affiliates - benefits from membership development and needs to collaborate on strategies for growth.

5.  Members are fundamentally responsible for developing their sport. Fees are an important way of ensuring the organization's capacity to develop the sport.

With these principles in mind, VC has moved to a format of Individual Membership, whereby each participant who registers with a Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association (P/TA) will also register, and be aware that they are registering, with Volleyball Canada. In addition, all VC membership fees which were formerly buried within the P/TA membership fee, will now be clearly identified as the VC membership fee. 

If you have any questions or require further information, email