Volleyball Canada announces SportLoMo as new registration system

January 26, 2021

Volleyball Alberta worked closely with Volleyball Canada and other volleyball PTAs in the selection process of choosing a new registration system and we are also pleased to announce SportLoMo as our registration system provider for future season registrations. 

To view Volleyball Canada’s release on their website, click HERE

January 25, 2021: Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce SportLoMo as its registration system provider.

“After an extensive selection process, SportLoMo was a clear choice as our new registration system technology provider,” said Alan Ahac, who is leading the project on behalf of Volleyball Canada. “We are confident that our partners and participants will find this a user-friendly platform to support their volleyball activities.”

The new Volleyball Registration System (VRS) will offer an extensive suite of tools to support athletes, coaches, event organizers, club administrators, referees and volunteers.  

SportLoMo is an Irish sports software company and a leading supplier to many Canadian and international sports bodies. SportLoMo’s multilingual platform will support the efficient management of data using software tools that support all layers of the organization from the athlete, to the club, regional organizers, provincial and territorial associations (PTAs) and the national organization.

Volleyball Canada is one of the leading sports organizations in Canada with numbers expected to grow to 100,000 participants by 2021-2022.  

SportLoMo CEO, Seamus Kyne, said: “Volleyball Canada underwent a very professional and thorough selection process with an extensive set of requirements. SportLoMo is delighted to have come through this process as the preferred supplier and having been chosen as the new Volleyball Canada partner.”

The SportLoMo platform is used world-wide and we hope our 15-year experience working with clubs, regional sports bodies, referee societies, and national governing bodies will ensure a smooth and successful implementation, with many benefits for all of the users interacting with our technology.”

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