Over The Years — Volleyball Alberta at the Canada Games …

Posted: August 10, 2022

Over The Years — Volleyball Alberta at the Canada Games …

Volleyball has been a Canada Games sport since the inaugural Games in 1967, and has been featured on both the winter and summer cycles. From 1967-1987, it was on the winter program, before transitioning to the summer edition in 1985. Beach volleyball made its debut on the Canada Summer Games in 2001. The sport returned in 2009, and has been active ever since, featuring both men’s and women’s categories.

Your Team Alberta Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball teams have been strong competitors at the Canada Games and we are proud of the tremendous success they have earned over the years!

2022, Niagara

Beach Volleyball: Is currently underway. You can follow their daily schedule & results and watch some of their games online.

Indoor Volleyball: Volleyball Alberta’s Men’s and Women’s Canada Games teams are training August 10-13 in Calgary and will then go on to represent Alberta in the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games 

Go Team AB!! Best of luck to all the teams, we can’t wait to see you all in action!!

2009, Prince Edward Island

Indoor Female29-08-2009AlbertaBronze
Indoor Male29-08-2009AlbertaGold
Beach Volleyball   

From <https://cg2009.gems.pro/Result/MedalListContingent.aspx?Contingent_GUID=d2776ada-9b90-4f7d-8f7c-14edd846df7c&Sort=E&Date=&SetLanguage=en-CA>

The complete list of Canada Games medals won by each of our Provinces and Territories can be found in the All-Time Medal Table on https://www.canadagames.ca/results, and can also be searched by each individual Games.

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